You Bow Down To You

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It is very simple, nothing is required.  And therefore I say, except your Selfless Self nothing is there.  Be spiritually strong, have courage, “Yes, I can do it!”.  We are having a lack of courage.  You are no more a beggar, you are a billionaire!  It’s fact. We are begging to all “Oh, do something for me, do something for me”, why?

I am telling this story –  you might have read this story somewhere. Some boy is begging on the street, you know. And somebody like you comes across him and says “Oh, why are you begging?  Your parents left a lot of money for you.” – “Oh, you are making fun of me!” – “It is fact!”, you are taking him to the bank, showing him “You’ve got a lot of money!”.  After knowing “I am a multimillionaire” you’ll not beg on the street, correct?  Same thing has happened in our case.  We are begging “Oh god bless me, do something for me, do something for me”, you’re bowing down everywhere, here and there.  But Master says “Why are you bowing down anywhere?  You bow down to you”.  You are Master of Masters.  You are Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God.  After having Conviction, you’ll not bow down to anybody.  Not that you’re not respecting everybody, but you’ll know.  Just like that boy, after knowing the Reality, you’ll not beg on the street.  And therefore I am insisting not to underestimate yourself. You have got tremendous power.

This is all free of charge knowledge. Therefore we are having a lineage discipline not to demand anything from any disciple or devotees. It is your knowledge, we are not favouring you. It is fact, I am placing before you fact. And for which, I am repeating: you are to undergo strictly meditation, it is the only source.  Beyond that nothing is there. And this human body is an opportunity for everybody. Do your duties, there are no restrictions.  Not to sit lazy or idle in the name of spirituality. Do your job, do your duties, remain with the family members, perform your responsibilities.  But at the same time you must have the Conviction that ‘I am not the body at all, I was not the body at all’.

So all body-based concepts are supposed to be dissolved totally.  And when will they be dissolved?  After having Spontaneous Conviction.  To have the Spontaneous Conviction ‘I am Brahman’, you have to undergo strictly meditation.  There is not any other source.  Until you’ve got Conviction, until that time, you are to undergo the discipline of meditation.  And I am telling you, meditation is also illusion, but at the advanced stage.  Because we forgot our identity, through meditation we are inviting the attention of the Meditator ‘you are Brahman, you are Brahman’.  It is not difficult at all, not impossible also.  Your total involvement is required, strong will is required.  It is fact, even if you think intellectually, it is fact.


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