You Are the One – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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Q: Maharaj, I am is the whole world.

M: We say ‘I-am’ is the whole, ‘I-am’ is the world, beyond the world, this is all literal knowledge.

Q: It’s my feeling.

M: My feeling, who is feeling that, behind that my feeling, something is there to say ‘my-feeling’. To
say ‘my-feeling’ some energy is there. Without that how can you say ‘my-feeling’? Some click is
there, spontaneous click, spontaneous presence is there, out of that spontaneous presence immediately
taking ego as, ‘my-feeling’. There is no ego, there is no intellect, there is no mind, when you say
‘my-feeling’, prior to that feeling your spontaneous presence is there.

You follow?

Q: Yes, I follow but not with my mind.

M: Forget about mind. So like electricity, that light, electricity is there. Therefore it is flowing,
who is the cause of the shining?, electricity. This is a light, this is a fan. ‘My light’, who says
‘my light’? Without electricity how can you say light You can say ‘my-light’, but if electricity is
not there how can you say ‘my-light’? Likewise, ‘my feeling’ ‘I-am’, to say ‘I-am’ to say ‘my
feeling’, some subtle, some invisible, spontaneous, anonymous, presence is there. Without that
presence, you can’t say ‘I’ or ‘you’. I am inviting attention of that invisible presence. Which
cannot be defined in the words.

Presence is there, but it can not be defined. Out of that presence we are talking. We are acting,
body is only media. Mind is media, intellect is media, ego is media, all these, this factory working
because of one electricity. If that electricity, power is not there, what is the use of the factory?
This is factory. Heart is working, liver is working, eyes are there, so this is inner factory. Your
eating, your digesting, these internal parts. Entire body is one factory, who is running that

I am running life with ‘my-mind’, director, so many things are there. Mind is there, intellect is
there, personality department is there. General Managers are there, so this isa factory. How is it
working? Some owner is there? Invisible owner, Spontaneous owner.

With that invisible instruction, that factory is working. What happens is that mind becomes stronger,
mind starts to give instruction to that owner mind starts to give instruction to that owner. Owner is
not knowing his identity. Master says, No, don’t take instruction, You are the one, You are the
owner who is running all this, You are paying him.


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