Yes, I Can Do It!

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Maharaj: The bodies are different, Presence is one. And for which, spiritual courage is most important, ‘Yes, I can do it’. It’s not an egoistic statement. And for which, again, meditation is most important.

Whosoever Master it may be, have some strong faith within yourself and your Master, whosoever Master. But not to measure your Master in body-form, it is a formless Master.

You want to ask anything? Yes?

Q: The mind is quiet.

Maharaj: You may ask any question, no problem.

Q: I would like to say, Maharaj, that after…The moment I received your book ‘Selfless Self’, for me it rang…it was a truth what you were saying. I felt totally convinced. Your words rang very true for me, and my hope was to, after reading the first few pages, was simply to meet you and to see you. I understand what you say, that the Master is not in body-form, but it is very important to see you in body-form.

Maharaj: It’s okay.

Q: But my spirit, I felt like it clicked with you, and I’m very happy to be here and to see you now. You made everything so clear, clearer than it’s ever been for me before. And I’m most grateful to you.

Maharaj: So you are to undergo some meditation, that’s most important for you. Have you got any Master? Have you come across with any Master previously?

Q: I’ve been in the Presence of other teachers. When I was a teenager I was directed to go to the Vivekananda Vedanta Society, the temple of Sri Ramakrishna. Because, when I was sixteen years old I met a man, his name was (inaudible), and I started learning Tabla from him and he told me about Sri Ramakrishna. For a little while I lived with his family and he directed me there, but then after that I met other teachers too. Probably one of the most important was (inaudible), he was a teacher in the Sufi lineage, but also he was very much concerned with other lineages too. And then, of course, reading the works of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. But I feel that all of this has led me to you, and I believe with all my heart that when you say this is the final destination, I believe that emphatically. What you teach and what you are saying about who we are, it is the final destination. I feel I don’t need to go anywhere anymore. Even if I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet you, I still would feel that way.

Maharaj: It’s nice, very good.


Q: I think you just expressed a lot of our feelings in here. Having had decades of searching, and then finally, ‘Here’s my Master’. It’s just such a blessing.


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