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Maharaj:  So you’re doing meditation every day? Good.

Meditation is the base. Though it is not Ultimate Truth, it is the base, the foundation, which is required all the time until you’ve got the Conviction of Selfless Self.

So, only literal knowledge, oral knowledge, will not help you, because you are holding this human body. You are holding this human body, and the holder of the human body is called Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master. Because of long association with the body we have become one with the body. We started considering ourself in body-form, though we are formless, no shape is there. Your Spontaneous Invisible Presence is just like space or sky. But, that Conviction is not there. And to have this Conviction, one should undergo this meditation, it’s the base.

What is the principle of meditation? It is not only sitting like this (Maharaj pretends to meditate). Through meditation you are inviting the attention of the Meditator, the Invisible Meditator within you.  And all the time you are hammering yourself. Basically, body-knowledge is supposed to be dissolved at any cost.

You can hold the body, take care of your body, not to neglect your body. Have all your responsibilities, be practical not theoretical. Do your job, do your duties, whatever you’re doing. But at the same time you should be untouched by the body-based knowledge.

What do you mean by untouched by the body-based knowledge? We’re having some subtle ego. You know, as I’ve told you, that ego, mind, intellect are functioning organs, subtle organs which came along with the body. They were not there prior to beingness. Prior to beingness, nothing was there. No requirements, no needs, no need of happiness, peacefulness, nothing was there.

The body is not tolerable, body-knowledge is not tolerable. To make it tolerable we need some material causes like publicity, money, sex, and all. This is temporary relief. And to come out of these body-based concepts, meditation, the Mantra is most important. The Mantra is a concept, it’s words, words we’ve found out with long experiments, sanskrit words. The meaning of the Mantra is: ‘I am Brahman, Brahman I am’. So in the beginning stage it’s required, it’s necessary, absolutely necessary – until you’ve got Conviction, then it is absorbed spontaneously, it happens spontaneously.


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