Through All Angles You Have to Identify Yourself

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So far Presence is there, your body is there. The moment the Presence disappears, what is the value of the body? But we’re ignoring this fact. I’m not restricting your activities, you do your duties. If you have a family, take care of your family, take care of your health also. Not to neglect your health. The body is the base, just to identify your Selfless Self. But we’ve got a lot of attraction to the world. Publicity, money, and sex, through which you want to extract happiness. It’s a temporary relief that came along with the body. Where were these prior to beingness? Nothing.

Through all angles you have identify yourself, and you’ll get Spontaneous Conviction. As I told you yesterday: “how to know whether I’m realized or not?”. After having Conviction there will be dramatic changes within you. Spiritual science says there are six measures, again I am repeating. Whether I’m realized or not, how to measure it. Certain dramatic changes, miraculous changes will appear within you. ‘Shama’ means a ‘forgive and forget’ nature. From small things you were getting irritation, that irritation will be stopped. You know Jesus Christ? At the time of nailing, he says, “Oh God, what these people are doing they do not know. Forgive them.” Forgive and forget these things. And ‘Dama’ means: tolerance and patience, no excitement. ‘Titiksha’ means: just to know the Reality. ‘Uparati’ means: no attraction to the world. Though you are living in the body, you are using your body, but there’s no attraction to the world. No money, no nothing, no greediness, not becoming a victim of your mind, ego, intellect. It happens spontaneously. And ‘bhakti’ means devotion, total devotion:“Yes”. Then ‘Shaddah’ means complete faith: ‘Yes, so that I’. There won’t be any struggle, no violence, complete silence is there.

So, every being wants a peaceful life, happy life, fearless life, tension-free life, it’s a fact. You can have it, you’ll get courage out of this spiritual knowledge.

Anybody having any questions regarding this? Be free, don’t worry. Ask a question. Yes?

Q: My mind keeps asking: Why am I here? To be of service or to (inaudible) hold my connection, or…Why, why am I here in the physical body if I already am Brahman?

Maharaj: To say ‘my mind’, you’re different from the mind at all? To say ‘my mind’ you’re different from mind. You’re not mind at all. You’re watching your mind, you identify your mind, you experience your mind, it is separate from you. You’re supplying energy to your mind, you can control your mind. It happens, it’s the nature of the mind, the flow of thoughts. You’re separate from the thoughts, you’re thoughtless.


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