There’s No Difference Between You and I

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Q: Excuse me for the way I’m talking. When you feel pain, you yourself, and in great pleasures, and in confusion, you probably…it’s of little consequence, is that correct? Or, how would you say it? When there’s pain in the body for you, or pleasures, or temptations, or…

Maharaj: There’s no difference between you and I. We are not different, bodies are different, Presence is one. You’re measuring yourself in body-form. I’m not measuring myself in body-form, so there’s no difference between you and me. These are the words: ‘you’, ‘I’, ‘he’, ‘she’, these are the words.

Q: Yeah. I’ve seen it where you can meditate beyond pain.

Maharaj: And therefore meditation is required because all illusory concepts will dissolve. All illusory concepts are supposed to be dissolved, that’s the most important thing. Only dry talking, dry discussion will not help you. Even if you go to thousands of Masters, it will not help you. You approach your own Master, give importance to your own Master. We’re trying to find so many Masters, and you’re neglecting your own Master.

Everything is within you, it’s fact. God, Brahman, Atman are not separate from you, I’m repeatedly telling you. And to dissolve all illusory concepts you are to undergo meditation. It’s the only source, there’s no other source. If you see thousands of Masters, if you go anywhere, if you torture your body, nothing will happen. These are temporary pain-killers. You’ve got to solve your problem within yourself only. There’s no problem. And for which, again I am repeating: the only source is meditation. Through meditation you’re inviting the attention of the Invisible Meditator within you that you are Ultimate Truth, you’re hammering all the time. You know! Suppose a criminal is there at the police station – “You are a criminal! This is evidence against you! You are a criminal.” Same thing happens: “You are Brahman, I know you are Brahman!”, and all concepts will disappear. It’s not difficult, it’s not difficult. You’ve are to devote some time, have strong faith within you. Because all the time we are dependent upon somebody else. “God will help me”, or “Some Master will help me”. You have to please your own Master within you!

So have some courage! Spirituality is giving you the courage to identify yourself. We’re having a lack of courage. Everybody wants some artificial limbs. You can stand on your own feet! Nothing is wrong with you. You can fly on your own, without wings.

Okay, in the beginning it’s okay. Like a child who depends upon it’s parents and all things, but now you’re grown up.


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