Spiritually Grown Up – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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When Your search ends at that time you will feel I am totally enlightened. So now you are not required to approach so many masters here and there. Need not approach so many masters. You should not be impressed by somebody else. They will add confusion. It means you are supposed to be totally loyal within yourself. The foundation supposed to be constructed on a very strong foundation. Except this no knowledge is there. This is the ultimate medicine. Ultimate Truth. It is your truth. So be simple, very, very simple. Don’t argue with anybody else. Because again, it’s the story of the blind. You have seen the entire elephant. Blind sees part of the elephant, so naturally there is argument, this is real, this real. But when you have
seen the elephant, why to argue with all these so called people? Master has placed before you the entire elephant. You see the elephant. So, there should not be any type of doubtwith you.

Q: Maharaj, he says that he was tortured the whole night yesterday you remind him of very strange feeling their is no support, their is no knowledge, their is no Masters, no devotees, no mantras, no nothing and he remains without any support. No devotion, no faith, nothing.

M: Very good. Good sign. Yes. Because you have seen yourself. Master as support is only artificial limbs. You have seen your own. Why do you want support, your independent. It’s good sign.

Q: He’s confused.

M: Why so? Now you are not a child, your a grown up man. Spiritually grown up man. Child wants support of parents. You can walk on your own feet. Now you enjoy freedom. Because when you say that exceptional experience that I have nothing, no body feeling, nothing else, no support, it’s very nice. So all
bondage, of body bondage is dissolved.

Q: Looks like he likes he loves his bondage. He lost his faith and because of that he feels unhappiness.

M: How can you say you lost your faith? You have not lost your faith. All these experiences appear on your Presence only. So there is no faith as such. You have faith in you. Have full faith in you. That is your body, body essence is dissolved. Faith and trust, these are words when their is body conviction. If at all you want to compare, you compare like space or sky. Is sky having any faith with any master? Who is master of the sky? No feeling is there, Ultimate stage, no feeling is there. Because we know ourself in body form so many types of feelings are there. What Nisargadatta Maharaj says when thoughts are fighting inside, you’re different, you know thoughts are fighting inside.


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