Reality is not having any form, any shape.

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Suppose somebody lost his memory. They’re showing something: “See this thing, see this thing.” The purpose behind that is to gain the memories. Same thing here. Because of long association with the body you forgot your identity.

Why is this required? What is the principle, what is the use of this spiritual knowledge in your life? We’re not happy, see. What do we want exactly? We want happiness, peacefulness, tension-free life, fearless life. Material sources are there, but it’s not sufficient. We want money, publicity is there, sex is there, but no happiness. Because there is already inbuilt happiness within you.

It’s open fact. This body is not going to remain constant. It is having stages: you’re a child, you’re a young man, then you’re an old man, and some day, willingly or unwillingly, you are to leave the body. The body is not your identity at all. You’re unborn, basically. No birth, no death. Birth and death are connected with the body-knowledge, and you’re not the body at all. That Conviction is supposed to appear spontaneously, this is the purpose of this spirituality. After having Conviction, there’s is no necessity of spirituality. So in the beginning stage you have to recite the Mantra, your involvement is required. Devote some time for yourself. There are no restrictions, no bondage, not to do for anything, not to spend a single penny for that. But you are to give some time for yourself. Out of twenty-four hours you are giving some time towards your regular responsibilities, but give some for you. Sit for some time, for one hour, half an hour. See what is there! Reality is within you, you are Reality, your Presence is Reality, your Invisible Listener is Reality. Why to go here and there? You don’t need to go to any Master. You forgot your Inner Master. Your Inner Master is very strong. We’re neglecting our Inner Master and we’re visiting so many Masters. It’s not necessary, not to go anywhere. I’m not telling you not to respect anybody, respect all the Masters. The Masters are the forms of Reality. But Reality is not having any form, any shape.


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