Ramakant Maharaj USA Talk of September 12th Part II

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Transcript Ramakant Maharaj September 12th Part II

September 12, 2016
Silver Spring, USA
Part Two


Maharaj: The entire world is projected out of your Presence, it’s open fact. If there is no Presence for one moment, what is the value of this body?  If there is no Presence in this body, what is the value of this body?  Body is having importance because of your Presence.  And therefore all the while I am inviting the attention of the Invisible Listener within you that you are Ultimate Truth, it’s fact.  So how  this knowledge is to be absorbed within you, that is most important. For which, the only media is meditation. Only talking about spiritual knowledge is meaningless. Through meditation you are inviting the attention of the Invisible Meditator within you that you are Ultimate Truth, you are hammering all the time: ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, ‘I am Brahman, I am Brahman’.  Just like this body is accepted as a man. If anyone says you are a woman, you are slapping them.  So likewise, the holder of this body is called Brahman, Atman, Paramatman. It is fact, but we are not accepting that fact.  Therefore mind, ego, intellect are pricking you from backside.

So directly or indirectly we are depending upon this body-knowledge.  We say “Oh, I am Brahman, I am Brahman”, it is not enough.  Stand on your own feet, not to depend upon anybody else.  Your Spontaneous, Invisible Presence has great value.  All ‘Brahman’, ‘Atman’, ‘Paramatman’, ‘Master’ are the names given to your Spontaneous Invisible Presence. Try to identify the Unidentified Identity within you.  Try to identify the Unidentified, Invisible Identity within you.

Not to underestimate.  You do all your activities, no restrictions.  You’ve got family responsibilities, do your responsibilities.  As if you’re acting in some drama, in some pictures.  We’ve got so many relations: we are uncle, we are father, we are brother, so many relations.  One person having so many relations.

So all needs, requirements came along with the body only.  Spiritual knowledge is required because we forgot our identity.  Where was spiritual knowledge prior to beingness?  After leaving the body, spiritual knowledge will help you?  No.

It is very simple, nothing is required.  And therefore I say, except your Selfless Self nothing is there.  Be spiritually strong, have courage, “Yes, I can do it!”.  We are having a lack of courage.  You are no more a beggar, you are a billionaire!  It’s fact. We are begging to all “Oh, do something for me, do something for me”, why?

I am telling this story –  you might have read this story somewhere. Some boy is begging on the street, you know. And somebody like you comes across him and says “Oh, why are you begging?  Your parents left a lot of money for you.” – “Oh, you are making fun of me!” – “It is fact!”, you are taking him to the bank, showing him “You’ve got a lot of money!”.  After knowing “I am a multimillionaire” you’ll not beg on the street, correct?  Same thing has happened in our case.  We are begging “Oh god bless me, do something for me, do something for me”, you’re bowing down everywhere, here and there.  But Master says “Why are you bowing down anywhere?  You bow down to you”.  You are Master of Masters.  You are Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God.  After having Conviction, you’ll not bow down to anybody.  Not that you’re not respecting everybody, but you’ll know.  Just like that boy, after knowing the Reality, you’ll not beg on the street.  And therefore I am insisting not to underestimate yourself. You have got tremendous power.

This is all free of charge knowledge. Therefore we are having a lineage discipline not to demand anything from any disciple or devotees. It is your knowledge, we are not favouring you. It is fact, I am placing before you fact. And for which, I am repeating: you are to undergo strictly meditation, it is the only source.  Beyond that nothing is there. And this human body is an opportunity for everybody. Do your duties, there are no restrictions.  Not to sit lazy or idle in the name of spirituality. Do your job, do your duties, remain with the family members, perform your responsibilities.  But at the same time you must have the Conviction that ‘I am not the body at all, I was not the body at all’.

So all body-based concepts are supposed to be dissolved totally.  And when will they be dissolved?  After having Spontaneous Conviction.  To have the Spontaneous Conviction ‘I am Brahman’, you have to undergo strictly meditation.  There is not any other source.  Until you’ve got Conviction, until that time, you are to undergo the discipline of meditation.  And I am telling you, meditation is also illusion, but at the advanced stage.  Because we forgot our identity, through meditation we are inviting the attention of the Meditator ‘you are Brahman, you are Brahman’.  It is not difficult at all, not impossible also.  Your total involvement is required, strong will is required.  It is fact, even if you think intellectually, it is fact.

Yes?  Anybody having any question?

Q:  Maharaj?

Maharaj:  Yes?

Q:  You say it’s not difficult to achieve this ultimate truth…

Maharaj:  Of course.

Q:  But yet it takes time for most people…

Maharaj:  Why?  Suppose in a cave it is dark for five hundred years.  If you take a light, will you say “I’m here and after five hundred years it has gone away”?  If it is dark in a cave for five hundred years, and you take a torch, will you say “Oh, I’m here after five hundred years, where did it go”? So like that, after having Conviction, nothing is impossible.  It is open fact, even if you think intellectually, body is not your identity at all.  What is the value of this body? If there is no Presence, what is the value of this body?  The body is having value because of your invisible Presence.  Why ego is required, why mind?  When did you come across mind, ego, intellect? “My mind, my mind” what mind?  Mind is the flow of thoughts.  They are functions, mind, ego, intellect, through which you are functioning through the body.  Where was mind, ego, intellect prior to beingness?  After leaving the body, any mind remains?  You are giving so much importance: “my mind, my ego”.  They are basic concepts, this is basic Reality.  After accepting the Reality, as I told you, you’ll be Master of the mind.  We’ve become slaves through mind, ego, intellect.  Thoughts are entering, then directed to the intellect, and are implemented through the ego.  You are beyond that.

Your Presence does not know ‘I am Presence’. It is beyond imagination. We are trying to guess at how we are Brahman – not to guess. It’s fact, it’s open fact.  And therefore, it is not difficult at all.  You can hold your body, no problem, do all activities. Not to take the touch of any concepts.  Suppose in a dream you have done something wrong, “Oh, it is a bad dream”. Are you taking ego? Are you repenting for that act? There is no deed, there’s no doer! Because we are measuring ourselves in body form therefore we say “I’ve done something”.  Basically you are formless, there’s no shape, it’s fact.  Birth and death are related to the body only.

So you are subtler than sky, subtler than space.  Be spiritually strong, have some courage!  What happens is we’ve got lack of courage.  Everybody knows ‘I am Brahman’.  Everybody has knowledge, spiritual knowledge, but a lack of Conviction.  You have to absorb it, implement the knowledge within you. What is knowledge, spiritual knowledge?  Just to identify oneself in a real sense.  Then all concepts will dissolve.  No fear of death.  Because of long association with the body, you’ve accepted body as your identity, that is the problem.  So respect yourself!

Yes? Anybody having any question? Yes, yes, welcome.

Q2:  Can you give some instruction by which meditation can be made incessant?

Maharaj:  Meditation…?

Q2: …becomes incessant.  Meaning, you can meditate for a few hours but after that…

Maharaj: See, meditation doesn’t mean sitting like this, meditation means involvement, total involvement.  I am giving some small example: somebody abuses you in very bad language.  You always think “Oh, I will take revenge of that person!”, twenty-four hours a day you are thinking of that person.  Someone says “Oh, forget it” – “No, I will not forget! I must take revenge of that person!”.  This is called meditation.  Master abuses you: ‘You are Brahman’, you take it that way.  Master abuses you: ‘You are Brahman’, take it that way.  You’ve got to think it twenty-four hours. ‘Brahman’ is a word, we say ‘donkey’   – “Ohh”.  If somebody calls you a donkey you are slapping him, but if he says “You are Brahman”– “Oh, how can I be Brahman?”

Your involvement is most important: “Yes, Master says “You are Brahman”, spiritual science says “You are Brahman””.  In the light of that, you find out:  ‘So that I, I am That’.  Brahman, Atman are not separate from you, it’s fact, open fact.


Q3: Correct to bless one’s Ultimate Reality, and, as you wrote, demand, demand, ask questions, demand, bless oneself, demand: “please make the motivation, the discipline, the Conviction happen….happen spontaneously” over and over and over every day, many times ask.  Is this right?   I have no Naam Mantra, so what I do, I read the book. I do this, ‘I am Brahman, Brahman I am’.

Maharaj:  Yes, yes, that’s enough.  Until you get conviction you have to undergo the discipline of meditation that  ‘I am Brahman, Brahman I am’.

Q3: I know it’s there.

Maharaj:  Yes, you have to forget your body-identity.  The purpose of the mantra ‘I am Brahman’ is just to forget the body-identity.

Q3:  And the word ‘bija’, ‘b-i-j-a’ in the bhajans?  ‘Bija Mantra’, it says, what does that mean? Is that the same as Naam Mantra?

Maharaj:  Naam Mantra is words, I repeatedly told you. ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, ‘Sivoham’, ‘I am Brahman’, these are the words through which you are indicating yourself, concentrating yourself, hammering yourself, because you forgot your identity.

Q3: I want that to …

Maharaj: See, everything is within you.

Q3: …run continuously.

Maharaj:   Ah, you have to recite that. This body is called woman, you are female, your parents told you this body is female and you accepted it, correct? You’re acting as a female.  So, Master says ‘You are Brahman’, and you’re not accepting that.  It’s open Truth.  Male or female is not your identity at all, it is given to the body-form.  The holder of the body-form is called Brahamn, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master, that you are.

Not to take literal meaning of what is mentioned in the books.  So many times it happens: “Oh, Ramana Maharshi says like this, this Master says like this”.  We’re not here to analyze the statements of the various Masters.  What they convey, that is most important.  What did they convey?: Except your Selfless Self, there is no Brahman, no Atman, no Paramatman.

Q3: Thank you.

Maharaj:  Anyone want to ask a question?  Yes?

Q4:  At some point I have this feeling that (inaudible).  The voice becomes so strong: “there’s no value in anything you’ve done”.  It’s because there’s no doer, or I know sometimes I just watch myself. I just feels like what I’m doing is just a waste of time. And that feeling gets very strong, and then comes back again…

Maharaj:  Until you get Conviction thoughts are appearing upon your Presence.  Various thoughts are appearing upon your Presence . Good thoughts, bad thoughts, depressive thoughts are there.  You are prior to that.  And therefore I inviting the attention of the Invisible Presence, concentrate.  You’re watching this, you’re witness all that’s happening inside.  I’m talking about the Invisible Witnesser within you.

Q4:  Yes, I can feel that…

Maharaj:  That ‘I’ is supposed to be dissolved.  ‘I’ is supposed to be dissolved.  To say ‘I’ your Presence is required.  If there is no Presence, who will talk about the ‘I’?

Q4:  Again, the identity with the body comes back…

Maharaj: It’s not coming and going.  Is the sky coming and going anywhere?  Because, see, it’s not your fault, I’m not blaming you, it happens.  It is because we are measuring ourself in body-form that this happens.  And for which your involvement is most important, meditation is required.  Why am I insisting on meditation?  Because it is basic, it is the foundation, it is the anti-virus software.  You have to implant that anti-virus software.  Through which you are always hammering yourself ‘you are Brahman, you are Brahman’.  You know the police station? To the criminal they say “You are a criminal, this is the evidence against you”, he says “no, I am not criminal” — “Yes, you are criminal!  You see this? You’ve done this. Liar, you are liar!” Like that, “You are Brahman, you are Brahman!”, you are hammering.  Then you’ll come “Yes, so that I”.

Okay? Any questions?

Q3:  Do we ask for darshan?

Maharaj:  Darshan?

Q3:  Darshan, a personal blessing.

Maharaj: Oh, it’s okay.  Blessing is there. Your own blessing is most important.  You are not separate from me, bodies are different.  You put your own hand on your head.  In practice it’s okay, darshan.  Take your own darshan. As a formality, it’s okay.  As a sign of respecting, it’s okay.

Q3:  Thank you Maharaj.



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  1. Sandy Crowther September 20, 2016

    Thank you, for transcribing these Maharaj USA Talks so flawlessly…A beautiful tribute to savor over and over again, while re-living that memorable evening with Maharaj. Thank you!

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