Ramakant Maharaj USA Talk of October 26th Part I

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Transcript October 26, 2016 Part I

October 26, 2016
Colombia, USA
Part One

Maharaj: See, you’re holding the human body, and some invisible Presence is there. What is the necessity of identifying ourself? Because there are so many concepts wrapped up upon us, so many concepts are there. We’re under the pressure of so many concepts. And what do we want exactly, we’re not able to know.

We’re reading so many books, approaching so many Masters, but there’s no conclusion. What is the Reality? We’re in search of God, in search of so many Masters. But you’re ignoring your own Master within you.

See, the Invisible Presence within you is Ultimate Truth, Final Truth. It is called Master, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God. You’re not required to go anywhere. How are you prior to beingness? Not thinking ‘realization’, ‘enlightenment’ – these are the words. Prior to beingness are there any words like ‘realization’, ‘enlightenment’? Nothing is there. After leaving the body, what is ‘realization’, what is ‘enlightenment’? What is ‘knowledge’, what is ‘philosophy’, what is ‘spirituality’? Nothing is there. As I told you, everything came out of nothing and everything dissolves within nothing.

Where do you stand? What is the place of spirituality in our human life? Because the human life is painful, there’s so much pain, no pleasure. And therefore, to tolerate this human body, we’re in search of so many material causes. Money is required, publicity is required, sex is required, desires are required. In spite of all these material causes, we’re not happy. There’s no happiness, there’s no peacefulness. Only temporary reliefs we’re getting. How to get permanent happiness? Is permanent peacefulness there or not? Yes? The moment you identify yourself in a real sense, happiness will be there. Happiness, unhappiness, pleasure, pain, came along with the body. And the body is not your identity, the body was not your identity, and the body is not going to remain your identity. This is a food-body, a human body.

I’m not discouraging you to do all these things. Spirituality is so many things: how to live happily, how to live peacefully. The moment we identify ourself, peace is there. As you know, the body is not your identity at all. Some or other day, willingly or unwillingly, you have to leave this body.

So basically, you are unborn. There’s no death and no birth to you.

We’re using so many words, just for communication. Language is created by us. So instead of defining the spiritual words, analyzing spiritual words, try to identify yourself in a real sense. When trying to identify yourself in a real sense, the identifier will disappear, nothing will remain. There’s no ‘I’, there’s no ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’, nothing is there. Complete silence. There’s no experience, no experiencer. There’s no witness, no witnesser.

Your Presence is there prior to beingness, and that Presence will remain, just like space or sky. But not to measure yourself in body-form, that’s the first thing. And how does it happen? The only source, I told you: meditation is the only source.

Through meditation you’re inviting the attention of the Invisible Meditator within you that you are Ultimate Truth, you’re hammering all the time. Some words are given: ‘I am Brahman’, ‘Soham’, so many words are there. Through these words you’re hammering yourself. You’re inviting the attention of the Meditator: you are Ultimate Truth, you are Final Truth. After Spontaneous Conviction, you’re not required to recite the Mantra, it will be spontaneous, it will be automatic. (So recite the Mantra) until you’ve got Spontaneous Conviction: I was not the body, I am not the body, I am not going to remain the body.  So, no concept will impress you or depress you.

Thousands of concepts are there. We’re a victim of our own concepts: ‘I’m somebody else’, ‘I’m a man or woman’, ‘I’ve got some knowledge’. Even ‘I am Brahman’ is also a concept.

Prior to beingness there’s no concept at all. After leaving the body, what remains? So for which, you must have Spontaneous Conviction. Then pain will turn into pleasure. Everybody is having problems, the human body is full of problems. Everybody says, “My problem is a major problem”. So come out from all these problems, come out from all the tension. You have to go through the meditation only.

See, the entire world is projected out of your Presence. If there’s no Presence in the body, who will talk about the world? Who will talk about the God? Who will talk about the Master? Master is not separate from you! This body is not Master (Maharaj indicates his body). The Invisible Speaker within this body and the Invisible Speaker within that body are one and the same. It is Master, you are Master. What special kind of Realization do you want? What do you mean by Realization? It is Spontaneous Conviction.

Through so many words, spiritual words, I’m trying to invite the attention of the Invisible Listener within you that you are Ultimate Truth. What is the conclusion of all this spiritual knowledge? As I told you, except your Selfless Self there is no God, Brahman, no Atman, no Paramatman, no Master. You’re not required to go to any Master, including myself. Stand on your own feet.

Master is shapeless, there’s no form, it is formless. It is invisible, it is unidentified, it is anonymous. With various words I’m trying to invite your attention that the Invisible Listener within you is Ultimate Truth. This is theory, but you must have practical knowledge. I’m not asking you to continuously say ‘Ram, Ram, Ram’, hours of reciting the Mantra. Try to have Conviction, accept the fact, the Reality within you. This body was a child, then it will become a young man, then it will become an old man. Is this your Reality?

Who is going and who is coming? Who is taking birth and who is dying? All these concepts are related to the body only. And as you know, you were not the body at all, you are not the body at all. How were you prior to beingness, and how will you be after leaving the body? Spiritual knowledge, spirituality – what is spiritual knowledge? Just to identify oneself in a real sense. Only reading so many books, listening from so many Masters, it is not enough. What were they giving as a message, that is most important. Therefore the indication of analyzing the words of the various Masters, defining the words of the spiritual Masters or spiritual knowledge, what they convey is most important.

There won’t be any criticism, this is not a debate, we’re not proving anything. But practical spirituality is most important. Practical spirituality means what? That knowledge, that Reality is supposed to be absorbed totally within you. At that moment you’ll forget the entire world, you’ll be untouched by the world. Though you are living in this world, you’re untouched with the world, you’re unconcerned with the world. All relations, all everything came along with the body only.

So everything will dissolve along with the body. That means everything came out of nothing, and everything dissolves within nothing. In between you feel that ‘I am something’. That ‘something’ is supposed to be dissolved.

It is very simple knowledge. You must have courage to accept the Reality, that is most important. Because a lack of courage is there, a lack of confidence is there, we’re under the influence of so many concepts. Fear is there, tension is there, no peace, no happiness. Why? Because we’re measuring ourself in body form. Literally we’re knowing ‘I am somebody’, ‘I am Atman, Paramatman, God, Master’, like that. But practically, the mind, ego, and intellect are pricking from the backside, rebelling against you.

So in the beginning you have to concentrate on the meditation, that is the basic thing. When you’re learning some language, we’re learning some alphabets, you know? A-b-c-d and all this. Now you’re not learning alphabets, you’re a master of that language. Similarly meditation is the basic foundation. Meditation is the base, meditation is the anti-virus software. So you have to absorb that in the beginning. Beyond that, nothing is there. The same thing I’m repeating again and again.

So after having this Conviction, you’ll be totally fearless. Problems will be there, but problems will be reduced, dissolved, taken lightly. You’ve got tremendous power, but you’re not aware of that. In-built tremendous power. You can overcome all difficulties. But all the time we’re ignoring ourself, we’re expecting some miracles to happen.

This is a miraculous box (Maharaj indicates his body). The human body is a miraculous box. This is not your identity at all. The Invisible Speaker and the Invisible Listener is your identity.

So be strong, have some courage to accept the Reality. Only Satsang is not sufficient. If you listen to so many Masters, Satsangs, (Maharaj shakes his head). Have Satsang with yourself! The great Saint is within you. There is no Saint except your Selfless Self. There is no Master except your Selfless Self. So stop measuring yourself in body-form. Beyond that, nothing is there. It’s the Reality. It’s Ultimate Truth, Final Truth. Try to absorb what you’ve listened to so far.

Don’t ignore any responsibilities. “Oh, I’m a spiritual man, how can I do this thing?” no. Because this is a human body, you have to live just like a human, not inhuman. Have love and affection for your family members, take care of your family members, take care of all responsibilities.

The moment the Spirit clicked with the body, we say ‘I’. Along with ‘I’, so many concepts appear. To have a peaceful ‘I’, you have to identify yourself. ‘I’ appeared upon your Spontaneous Presence. If Presence is not there, who will talk about the ‘I’? ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘she’, ‘it’, ‘he’….Prior to beingness who is there? There’s no ‘I’, nothing is there. And therefore I’m repeating that except your Selfless Self, there is no God, no Brahman, no Atman, no Paramatman, no Master. It is fact.

You may be having any position. Do your job, do your duties, no harm. This is a long dream. Everybody is seeing various dreams everyday. What happened to those people? What happened to that dream world? What happened to that peacefulness? Painfulness? Nothing is there.

Through the body we know ourself, ‘I’m somebody else’. The body is the media, not Ultimate Truth. It’s a food-body; so far as you’re supplying food and water, it is growing. So be loyal with you, be faithful with you and your Master.  But the Master is not in any form, He’s a formless Master.

Strong involvement is necessary. It is usually said that when we come into this world, we don’t bring anything, and that when leaving this world, we’re not taking anything. It’s a general statement. Why to become a victim of so many concepts? ‘Mind’, ‘ego’, ‘intellect’, so many ‘chakras are there, ‘kundalini’ is there, so many, so many words are there. What ‘chakra’, what ‘kundalini’, what ‘deed’, what ‘karma’ or ‘destiny’? We’re under the pressure of so many concepts. Where are those concepts prior to beingness? Who knows what is ‘karma’, who knows what is ‘religion’? Prior to beingness any religion is there? Prior to beingness, what religion did you belong to? Did you know about any God, any Goddesses? We’re unknown to ourself. After leaving the body what will happen? All the same questions get asked. “What is the birth after death?” What birth is there? Who knows? So not to become a slave of your own concepts.

Meditation and spiritual knowledge is giving you courage to live with pleasure. You can overcome all this pain and miserable life, if at all there.

You can ask any questions if you want. Only I am talking? This is chatting, spiritual chatting. I’m not giving dry lectures on spirituality. Through various words I’m trying to invite the attention of the Invisible Listener within you: except your Selfless Self, nothing is there. You are the source of this world. The entire world is projected out of your Invisible Presence.


Q: Maharaj, for the last couple of years with my sadhana, nothing gives me more pleasure than just abiding as awareness or presence, and the positive benefits of the sadhana have been that lately it has become a lot easier. The synchronicities and coincidences, and there are no problems really, they are more just challenges and life’s just become a lot simpler. But on the flip side, my aim has been to try and extend the duration of my sadhana, so it used to be about an hour and a half, now two hours, and I’m trying to step up. But it takes my whole day to get that two hours, and I enjoy this more than anything else.

Maharaj: It’s not necessary to meditate for one or two hours. One minute is sufficient for you.

Q: That’s the Spontaneous Conviction which is…

Maharaj: Yes! Pleasure and pain are connected with the body. Because we’re measuring ourself in body form. Where was that pleasure and pain prior to beingness? After leaving the body, what pleasure and what pain? After leaving the body, who knows what is pleasure and what is pain? So far we’re holding this human body, we’re connected with the painfulness and pleasure. No pleasure is there, no painfulness.

Because body knowledge is not tolerable. Directly or indirectly we’re posing ourself in body-form. We’re having a lot of spiritual knowledge; we talk about ‘Atman’, ‘Paramatman’, ‘Brahman’, ‘God’, and everything. No sadhana is required. Why is sadhana required? Prior to beingness are you doing any sadhana? What do you mean by sadhana? I’m advising meditation. What is the purpose of meditation? You’re inviting the attention of the Invisible Meditator within you that you are Ultimate Truth. Except your Selfless Self, nothing is there. That Conviction is supposed to appear spontaneously. No special sadhana is required. Sitting one hour, two hours, ten hours, has no meaning. One moment is sufficient. That ‘I am’ is supposed to be dissolved! What you are doing, that deed, some base of ‘I am’ is there. ‘I am somebody else’, ‘I’m doing sadhana’, ‘I’m a devotee’.

Q: Maharaj, I call it sadhana, but it’s really…

Maharaj: Okay, I can understand. I’m not blaming you, it happens in every case, in our case also. But I say sadhana is not necessary. What you have learned, what you have listened to through various sources, try to absorb it totally. It’s open fact that except your Selfless Self there is no God. Why to find the Gods and Goddesses? What is the purpose of Sadhana? What is the purpose of devotion? What is the purpose of meditation? What do you want to achieve? What is the goal? What is Ultimate Truth, what is Final Truth? You are Final Truth, you are Ultimate Truth.

You have to please yourself. The Saint is not separate from you. The Master is not separate from you, this is not Master (Maharaj indicates his body). The bodies are different. The Invisible Listener within you is the Master, formless, shapeless. That sadhana is required: “Yes, so That I, I am That!” without any ego. How are you prior to beingness? You say, “I don’t know”. After leaving the body? “I don’t know”. In the negative answer, a positive meaning is there. ‘I don’t know’ means you’re not in any shape, you’re not in any form. There’s no experience, no experiencer! There’s no witness, there’s no witnesser! There’s no ‘I’, there’s no ‘you’, no language is there! No knowledge is there! It’s open fact.



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