Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram – July 31, 2016

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Q: Bad thoughts, bad expectations is it necassary to fight with them, what to do with bad expectations, yes like worry.

It appears upon your Presence. Body based concept that appears upon your Presence. For which you have to undergo strictly meditation number one. Then through meditation you can identify yourself. Concepts are going and coming, just like clouds are coming and going. But you are separate from that. There are so many problems, this body has so many problems there, not to take touch of problems there, problems are coming and going. Their physical problem, concepts are a sort of physical problem, inner physical problem, it is rooted through mind, ego, intellect, all the concepts inside are rooted through mind, ego, intellect. Because you depend upon, mind, ego, intellect.

That is to be dissolved, the purpose behind the meditation, that will be dissolved. Mind ego, intellect came afterwards. Good concept or bad concept is rooted through mind, ego, intellect. Mind ego, intellect, when they came, they came along with the body. The moment Presence touched with the body mind, ego, intellect came, entered. In that case you are prior to that, you are identifying mind, ego, intellect. This is my mind, thoughts are coming, thoughts are coming, when thoughts are coming, to accept or not it is going to intellect. First thing, thoughts are coming, to accept or not it goes to intellect, and to implement it is ego, threee stages.

Flowing thoughts is nature, the nature of the body, what you see, what you learn, impressions are there from childhood til today. That impression comes, appears, now you have to be firm, whatever thoughts are coming, whether to accept or not accept is up to you. Bad thoughts are coming, negative thoughts are coming, not to accept it. They are thoughts. The thoughts which are positive you can accept it, this means whatever thoughts are appearing on Presence, thoughts which are useful for you you can use it, the thoughts that are not useful you can neglect it. Suppose dishes are offered to you for you to take food, you say ‘I dont want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want this thing’ Similarly so many thoughts are crowded inside, thoughts appear upon your Presence. Which thought to be accepted and which thought not to be accepted is up to you. Their is complaint that so many negative thoughts are coming, what happens is since childhood we are under the impressions so many impressions are there. From the beginning you are a male or female, so many thoughts are there. Negative thoughts regarding destiny, prarabdha, hell, heaven, so many bad concepts, so many bad dreams are appearing. You are totally different from all these concepts, that conviction is supposed to appear. Whatever appears upon your Presence is illusion. Whatever appears upon your Invisible Presence is illusion, through which you can identify is the Reality. You are the base, but it is not a body base, beyond that. Your Presence is beyond that. You are totally different from all these concepts, therefore you must have conviction, not to go along with the body based thoughts. Not to go along with the body based thoughts.

You can identify good thoughts, bad thoughts. Which thought to be accepted which thought not to be accepted is up to you, you are master of your own. That conviction is supposed to appear spontaneously, for which spirituality is there. It is open fact, you are not body, you were not body, you are not going to remain body, it’s a fact. Thoughts are coming because Presence is there, a dead body can’t have any thoughts, after leaving body no thoughts will be there, prior to beingness any good thoughts or bad thoughts are coming, nothing. Thoughts are coming, the moment spirit clicked with the body, thoughts started from childhood til today, thoughts are appearing graduated. Small child you are having different thoughts, now you are young lady you are having different thoughts, when you grow old different thoughts. According to age factor according to circumstances, thoughts are appearing. So you are unconcerned with the thoughts. Thoughts that are trying to give you trouble, you reject it, it’s up to you. Which road you go, which not to go, it’s up to you. If you follow some road and have so many difficulties, you change your way, you bypass something or other. Similarly thoughts are flowing in nature, which thought to be accepted and which thought not to be accepted is up to you, you are a master.

But since you are measuring yourself in body form, therefore you say ‘What to do?’ Bad thoughts are coming, good thoughts are coming, something depressing, depressive thoughts are coming, directly or indirectly we are encouraging these bad thoughts, it is the nature of the spirit to accept bad things immediately. Suppose if I abuse you, you accept it, you are slapping someone. But suppose I say You are Brahman ‘Oh, ok, I am Brahman’ If I say You are Brahman you say ‘Oh, how can I be Brahman?, You are making fun of me’ But if I abuse you with very bad language ‘What Maharaj, You are insulting me.’ See words are same, meaning given is same, if I say you are donkey ‘What are you saying, you are insulting me’ If I say you are Brahman ‘How can I be Brahman’. This is the play of words, see we have created language, meaning given to donkey is say dirty animal, Brahman is some supernatural power, we have given the meaning. Suppose tomorrow Brahman is donkey and donkey is Brahman. So like that you have to convince yourself, you are master of your own, your architect of your own life, not to go through with the thoughts. You know better which is good and bad.

What happens generally we are flowing along with the bad thoughts, depressive thoughts and then say ‘What to do, this happened, this happened’. We are crying unnecessarily, shouting, weeping unnecessarily, you can judge, you can stand on your own feet. Not depend upon anything, you need not depend upon mind, ego, intellect, they came afterwards. Prior to beingness, there is no mind, no ego, no intellect. Mind ego intellect appeared upon your Presence. Presence is Ultimate truth, that you are. Which is called, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master, that you are, that you were, that you are going to remain. For which there is no birth and death, it’s fact. You are measuring yourself in body from ‘What to do, what to do’ Your impressing yourself badly, you are insulting yourself badly, stop it. Because you know better.

‘Oh what to do? I am doing so many things. No miraculous experience is happening.’ Why do you want miraculous experience? ‘I am not getting experience like x, y, z’ No miracles are there, miracles appear upon your Presence. Your presence is a miracle, your not knowing anything about you. Your posing yourself and acting as a male or female, and experiencing so many things. In dream you see so many miracles, what happened to them after awakening? So you have to awaken, spirituality is making you awaken. What is awakening, you are not body at all. You are Brahman it’s Reality, Brahman is Reality, Ultimate Truth, Final Truth.

But again and again you are posing, you are jumping back into the ditch. Master is removing you from the ditch, but again you are jumping in the ditch. You can do it, spirituality is giving you courage, strong courage. So in the beginning you are having some certain problems, so it is necassary problems are coming, thoughts are coming, and consider it some problem is arising, so now you are going to be firm. My Master told you are not man or woman, you are not body, so I don’t accept all these thoughts. That firmness will be there, thoughts, different thoughts are coming, depressive thoughts are coming, this is a kind of cleaning process.

Something a bad thing is going on, there are so many tenants residing in this body. So many tenants in the form of very bad thoughts, while going, while vacating your room, they try to re-enter, they will abuse you, because years together they are staying in this body. When you have the knowledge, you want them to vacate the body, they will abuse you, they will give trouble to you, they will rebel against you. Mind, ego, intellect, they are dissolving, at that time they will rebel against you. So you have to say OK, let them go. This is a cleaning process, so not to accept thoughts. Which thoughts to be accepted and which thoughts not to be accepted is up to you. You follow? So you are master of your own, Brahman is not separate from you, Atman is not separate from you, Ultimate Truth is not separate from you. All the time you are measuring yourself in body form that ‘I am male or female, or something, something else.’ and with that effect you have accepted so many thoughts. Forget it. Not to go with the thoughts. They are pocketing you, they are making you a slave. Mind, ego, intellect is making you a slave.


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