Prior to Any Experience – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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So be simple, be normal. Just you see, just like you are sitting on the bank of a river. Whatever is happening, whatever is flowing. Nature of the river it is flowing, just like the nature of the body that contains five elements. So many thoughts. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, miraculous thoughts, dramatic thoughts. Bound to flow there. So, be steady, be silent, don’t get disturbed with that thought flow. Thoughts are going and coming. You’re not concerned with the thoughts. Thoughts which are useful for you, you can take it, otherwise throw it out.

See we travel all the world. You came across with so many people. Are you remembering how they are? What has happened to them? All memories flush out. Similarly, memory, through this body form, whatever is there, it will be dissolved automatically. Keep in mind, all experience, it may be ‘I am Brahman’ as experience is also illusion.
Because ultimate stage there is no experience, there is no experiencer also. No knowledge, nothing is there. Consciousness, awareness, everything disappears. No witness, no witnesser. The purpose of our talk is just to convince yourself your identity is beyond that.

Q: He says conviction cannot happen spontaneously and he must make some effort to convince himself.

I am repeating. This body is called ‘man’. You have been told this body is called ‘man’. You accepted it. So, all activities are of the nature of the ‘man’ only. That is conviction. Simple thing this body is not going to remain constant it is a fact. You are using the body, to experience all the incidents happening, not happening. So inviting that attention of the invisible Spirit. Through which you are doing all the activities. Through which your mind, ego, intellect is working. Everything prior to, everything prior to any experience, your Presence is there. All questions, prior to raising the question your Presence is there.


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