Power House – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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Q: When you teach a person, do you give him a task on purpose or just spontaneously. For example, ‘Today I will tempt him, I will give him temptation and we will see whether he can manage it or not.’ Do you give like this or just spontaneously?

Temptation appears spontaneously, I am not giving, I have to take ego to give something. There is no ego, no giving, no taking. It happens spontaneously. The Listener is spontaneous, Listener is listening, Speaker is speaking, body is external cover, this is a voice box. See, there is not any difference because everywhere, all these bodies, Spirit is one. Bodies are different all the time were thinking as body, body-knowledge. Therefore ‘I am different’ that body identity is supposed to be dissolved. We are talking something, we are listening something, on the base of body. It’s open fact, body is not your identity at all.

For discussion purpose, say action of thoughts, conversation, language is there, body is required, only body can’t listen, it requires some Spirit, Power. This is a power house. Power is invisible, if power is not there, what is the use of the power house? The inner power is supplying power, generating power, but if generating power stopped then what is the use of that power house? It is open truth it is not difficult. Some or other way, we are having strong faith in body because of long association with the body. We have allot of attachment. If I stay at some house I get used to that house. This is a house. Staying 30, years, 40 years, 50 years, after maintaining it, you’ll not want to leave the house. This house belongs to the five elements. Just like stones are there, bricks are there, cement is there, sand is there. Blood is there, flesh is there, bones are there, so many organs are there, without power nothing will not function.


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