Open Fact

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What is the purpose of meditation?  Through meditation you are identifying yourself in a real sense. Through meditation you are inviting the attention of the Invisible Meditator within you that you are Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God.  Through meditation you are hammering yourself all the time.  It’s  open fact: we start as a small child, then grow up to a young man, then an old man.  These are the stages of the body.

Who is acting with the body? Who is watching the dream?

It is a fact that the entire world is projected out of your Presence.  Your Presence is Invisible Presence, Anonymous Presence, Unidentified Presence.  And therefore, first thing I’ll tell you is not to measure yourself in body-form.  When you measure yourself in body-form you’re underestimating your Selfless Self.

Literal knowledge will not help you, bookish knowledge will not help you.  Be practical.  You’ve got a lot of knowledge.  Will that knowledge help you at the time of leaving the body? No.  So how are you prior to beingness and after leaving the body?  Ask the question.  It is beyond imagination. It is called Ultimate Truth, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master – that you are.

We understand this intellectually: “Yes I am Brahman, Atman, Paramatman”, but are not accepting it in Reality, practical Reality.  What is practical?  So all concepts are supposed to be dissolved, all concepts related to body-knowledge.  It is a very simple thing, for which your strong involvement is most important.  I was not the body, I’m not the body, I’m not going to remain the body. The body was not my identity, the body is not going to remain my identity at all, it’s open fact.


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