OneCircle USA Talks with Ramakant Maharaj Part I September 16, 2016

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Transcript September 16, 2016 Part I

September 16, 2016
OneCircle Silver Spring, USA
Part One


Maharaj: Everybody’s read ‘I Am That’ book?  Selfless Self? 

Well, we can start.

We are here to identity oneself in a real sense. Spiritual knowledge is just to identity oneself in a real sense. We are identifying ourselves in body-form, and that is illusion.  And everybody knows it, the body is not your identity at all.  The body was not your identity, the body’s not going to remain your identity.  Just glimpses of ‘I’ is there, that appears upon your Spontaneous Presence. If Presence is not there, where is ‘I’?  So, ‘I’ appears upon your Presence.  It is called God or Master, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, name is given to that Unidentified Identity within you.

See, what happens is from childhood till today we are measuring ourselves in body-form, and as you know body is not our identity at all.  What is the purpose behind spiritual knowledge?  We are reading so many books, we approach so many Masters. What is the purpose, what do we want exactly? The basic thing is we want happiness, peacefulness, tension-free life, fearless life.  Because human body is not tolerable. We’ve accepted the human body as ‘I am’.  The ‘I am’ appeared upon your Presence.  Presence does not know ‘I am Presence’.  It is subtler than sky, space. If there is no Presence what is the value of this body?

Through the human body we can identity ourself in a real sense.  What is knowledge, spiritual knowledge? It means just to identify oneself in a real sense. It does not mean neglect your body, neglect your family responsibility. It is practical spirituality, it is not a dry spirituality, not a dry discussion on spirituality.  Be practical.  It’s not difficult at all.  I’ve already told you: except your Selfless Self there is no God, no Brahman, no Atman, no Paramatman, no Master.  But all the time we are measuring ourselves in body form, and that is illusion.  And that illusory concept is supposed to be dissolved.  ‘I am somebody else’, mind, ego, intellect, appeared along with the body.  We are living within the circle of the mind, ego, intellect.  Where was the mind, ego, intellect prior to beingness?  Prior to beingness we were not having any happiness or peacefulness.  After leaving the body, who wants happiness, who wants peacefulness?  These are the words. Body-knowledge is not tolerable, ‘I am somebody else’ is not tolerable.  So once it is identified perfectly, it means ‘I’m not the body, I was not the body, I’m not going to remain the body’.

Basically you are unborn. There is no birth and death. Birth and death are connected with the body-knowledge only. I’m not saying to neglect your body.  Body is the media through which you can identity.  If Presence is not there, what is the value of this body?  So be practical, it’s not impossible.

What is practical?  To identify oneself in a real sense you are to undergo the discipline of meditation, it is most important.  We are insisting Nama Mantra, mantra, these are the words. ‘Soham’ is a word, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, ‘Sivoham’, these are the words through which you can identify, through which you are hammering yourself all the time.

So, that is the only source.  I’m telling you that meditation is also illusion at the advanced stage. But, to dissolve all body-based concepts, meditation is most important, the foundation.  In other words, I am saying it is the anti-virus software, meditation is the anti-virus software.  You have to go through this, without which you can’t identity.  Only dry spiritual knowledge, “I’ve read so many books”, these are temporary reliefs, they’re painkillers.  So this is a golden opportunity.  Your Presence is invaluable Presence.  Presence does not know ‘I am Presence’.  I have given the name ‘Presence’, ‘Spirit’, or ‘Energy’, you can say anything. It’s just like space: space does not know ‘I am space’ or sky does not know ‘I am sky’.  Then what to do?  Try to identify yourself in a real sense. “I am somebody else” is supposed to be dissolved.  You’re everybody.  You’re beyond sky.  Sky is everywhere.  You go anywhere in the world, sky is there.  But sky does not know ‘I am sky’. Likewise, your Anonymous, Invisible Presence, the Invisible Listener within you is everywhere just like sky – not limited to the body.  The body is having some limitations, some stages. You’re a child, then grown up as young man, then old man, and some or other day, willingly or unwillingly, we have to leave this body.  This is the purpose behind spirituality. Spirituality means what? These are the words.

Anybody want to ask any questions, you can ask it.  Yes? Okay, welcome.

Q: Maharaj, what is devotion, how do you practice devotion?

Maharaj: Yes, good question.

You have to involve yourself. After knowing the Reality, you have to involve yourself, you have to concentrate.  Concentrate on the Concentrator, the Invisible Concentrator within you, the Invisible Listener within you.

Through words we are trying to identify ourself.  We have created language, and through this language we are trying to identify ourself. Through devotion you can identify the Deity within you.  Your Spontaneous Presence is a Deity, it is God, Ultimate Truth, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, not separate from you.  This happens because we are all the time measuring: ‘I am somebody else’, ‘I am man or woman’, or something else.  You are not man or woman you are Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master.  It’s fact, but you are not accepting the facts.

So many questions appear upon your Presence, body-based questions. So all questions will be solved the moment you identify yourself in a real sense. It’s open fact, forget about spirituality.  Even if you think intellectually, body is not your identity at all. After leaving the body what remains? What is knowledge? Who requires knowledge? Who wants knowledge? Who wants peacefulness? What is peacefulness, what is happiness?  Body-knowledge is not tolerable, therefore we want happiness.

There are three concepts for happiness:  publicity, money, and sex.  We are trying to extract happiness through these three elements.  These things are not there prior to beingness. After leaving the body, who wants all these things?

There are so many concepts!  ‘Karma’, ‘dharma’, ‘religion’, so many things.  ‘Destiny’, ‘earlier birth’, ‘future birth’ – nothing is there, absolutely it is illusion.  But since childhood, because of long association with the body we’ve accepted so many concepts, body-related concepts.  “I am somebody else”.  That ‘I am somebody else’ is supposed to be dissolved.

You’re nobody, you’re everybody. You’re Presence is everywhere just like space or sky.  After having Spontaneous Conviction, all concepts will be dissolved, all questions will be solved within you. I said to you: You’re not a beggar, you’re a multimillionaire.  We’re begging “Oh God bless me, Oh, somebody bless me”, “Put your hand on my head”, why?  Because you’re always neglecting your Selfless Self.  Accepting some happiness or blessing from somebody else.  Okay, you respect everybody. But there should be Spontaneous Conviction: I was not the body, I’m not the body, I’m not going to remain the body. It’s Reality, but you’re not accepting that Reality because ego is there, so-called mind is there, intellect is there. These are functional organs.  Where was that mind prior to beingness? After leaving the body mind remains? Nothing. Any ego is there? No. Any intellect? No.  Mind, ego, intellect, needs, requirements came along with the body only, and dissolve along with the body.

So this is an opportunity to identify yourself. For which meditation is the only source. If you go on approaching so many Masters, reading thousands of books, spiritual books, we are adding something, intellect.  Because your Selfless Self is there, nothing is there.  God, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master, these are names given to that Ultimate, Supernatural Power within you.  I’m inviting the attention of the Invisible Listener within you that you are Ultimate Truth, you are Final Truth. You need not go anywhere.

But, some confusion is there because we’ve read so many books, so many concepts were impressed, were engraved upon us. We’ve got to break the circle of all concepts, body-related concepts. Even if you say “I am Brahman”, it’s also concept.  You’re beyond that. These are names, words are there, good words. Because we’ve created language, given the meaning of language, each and every word.

And therefore I am insisting, in the beginning stage, one should undergo the meditation.  It’s the only source, the base, the foundation.  After having Spontaneous Conviction, meditation is also illusion.  Why is meditation required?  Through meditation you are inviting the attention of the Invisible Meditator within you that you are Ultimate Truth.  Through meditation you are inviting the attention of the Invisible Meditator, Anonymous Meditator within you that you are Ultimate Truth, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God.  After Conviction you’re not required to go anywhere, everything is within you. You’ve got tremendous power, but we are always depending on somebody else.  “Do some something-prayers for me, do something-prayers for me”, “give me some blessing”, “put your hand on my head”, why? Try to absorb the knowledge which you already have.

Anybody have any questions, you can ask it. Be free! Yes, yes, okay, welcome.

Q2: Sri Ramakant, after reading Selfless Self my spaces in meditation were longer when the ‘I’ disappeared, they disappeared for longer periods, and… 

Maharaj: See, ‘I’ appeared upon your Presence. To say ‘I’ it appeared upon your Presence.  If there’s no Presence who says ‘I’?  You’re prior to ‘I’.  ‘I’ is a word, ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘he’, ‘she’, it is an indication, an identification, local identification, physical identification.

Q2: But after I began experiencing so much peace in that, and before my trip I experienced so much resistance to get here and it’s like I made myself come.

Maharaj: The experience is okay, it’s a good experience. But at the last stage, the Ultimate Stage there is no experience no experiencer, no witness no witnesser.  Experience appeared upon your Presence, it’s a good thing, not a bad thing. When you come closer and closer to your Selfless Self some good experiences appear: exceptional peacefulness is there, exceptional happiness is there, there is spiritual intoxication without any cause, without any material cause.

You’re self-sufficient. But we are always underestimating ourself, thinking something is there, some supernatural power is there regulating all this world.  As I said, do no underestimate yourself.   Your Selfless Self is very strong.  There’s no birth, no death, these are concepts.  Nobody knows ‘I am born’, nobody knows ‘I am dying’.  Death and birth are connected with the body-knowledge only.  You’re never the body, you’re not the body at all, it’s a fact.  You’re unborn.  The sky is having birth and death?  The sky knows hell or heaven? Good deed, bad deed, bad energy, good energy, what is (inaudible). We’ve made a circle and within that circle we are trying to live.  Break the circle.  For which again I am repeating: meditation is the base at the beginning stage.  Only discussion, dry discussion on spirituality, playing with the various spiritual words is meaningless.  You can do it!  You’ve got tremendous power!  You’re not separate from God, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman.  The Invisible Listener is having tremendous power, it is called Brahman, Atman, Paramatman.  Be with you all the time. You do your job, you do your duties, not to neglect your health also, not to neglect your family life. Be practical.  But at the same time try to identify yourself in a real sense.

Yes? Anybody having any question? Be free, don’t worry about it! Okay.

Q3: Maharaj? 

Maharaj: Yes? 

Q3: How do you practice self-enquiry?  How is the process?

Maharaj: Self-enquiry just means we are unaware of our identity. “Who am I?”  Self-enquiry starts because “Who am I”? Though it is called ‘Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God’, we are not knowing what is Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master.  Because so many concepts are engraved upon us from childhood till today we have accepting and are acting within that circle of concepts.  The questioner itself is Ultimate Truth, you just forgot your identity.

You can do it!  It’s not impossible, not difficult, you just have you to devote some time.  It is free of charge, no charge is there.  It’s your knowledge, the Listener’s knowledge, not the knowledge of Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master.  The Listener, Invisible Listener is not knowing ‘I am somebody else’, (inaudible). Through meditation you hammering all the time ‘I am Brahman’, ‘Soham’, these are the words.  Considering the sensitivity of the Spirit, words are given.  Spirit is very sensitive.  If anyone says “You are donkey”, you are slapping him, insulting him.  If anyone says “You are Brahman”— “Oh, how can I be Brahman?” For which you are not required to…You just have to involve yourself, try to absorb the Reality.


Q4: On my way down here, when I was sitting – I came by this house a few hours back, and you probably weren’t even here – but I…gradually I feel more bliss than other times.  It was stronger than ever when I was just sitting here waiting, for some reason.  And I was wondering if there was any way I could share this with – and I don’t know where it comes from, but I can’t control it – could I share it with my Mother? She’s really old. Is there any way I could help her?  I mean, I’ve told her about this stuff and she has a little bit of interest.  Is that the best I can do?  Can I meditate with her in mind?

Maharaj: Meditation is not only sitting like this (Maharaj pretends to meditate). This is required in the beginning stage.  Your total involvement is required.  This body is called ‘man’, and you’ve accepted it as man, and this body is called ‘woman’.  Are you going” I am woman, I am woman, I am woman” or “I am man, I am man”?  You are neither man nor woman, you are Brahman, you have to accept that. Because of some illusory concepts, we are not accepting it. And therefore meditation is required, through which you are hammering all the time: “You are Brahman”.

All relations, all needs came along with the body. All requirements, needs came along with the body, and you are not body at all.  Prior to beingness what needs are there? What relations are there? You say “my father”, “my brother”, “my sister”, “my Brahman”, “my God, do something”, so many things are there. The moment the Spirit disappears from the body what relation remains?  It’s open fact, even if you think intellectually.  All relations came along with the body, all requirements came along with the body, needs came along with the body.  Because the body is not tolerable therefore we want so many things. So many material causes are there.  Prior to beingness no nothing is there, no requirements, no needs are there, no relations are there. Master is not separate from you.


Q5: What type of meditation is (inaudible), whether ask the self ‘Who am I?’ or meditate on the ‘Brahman’ (mantra)?

Maharaj: You are to recite some mantra, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, ‘I am Brahman, I am Brahman’, like that, or ‘Soham’, there are so many.  Every lineage is having some different words.  The principle behind it is that through those words you are identifying yourself.  ‘I am Brahman’, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, ‘Soham’, ‘Sivoham’, these are the words.  They are key-words, through which you are hammering your Selfless Self.  All the time I am living as a man or woman, limitations, body limitations are there.  Your Presence is beyond that, beyond sky. The entire world is projected out of your Presence.  If there is no Presence who will talk about the world, who will talk about the God?  To say ‘God’, your Presence is required. To identify God your Presence is required. When did you come across with the God? Be free (to reply). If there is no Presence in the body can I identify ‘Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, Master’?  Any relations are there?  

Nothing is impossible. 


Q6:  So why is the realization of Ultimate Truth so scarce and rare…

Maharaj: See, ‘Realization’ means Conviction. Realization means Spontaneous Conviction. At present we are saying “I am somebody else”, “I am man or woman”, that is illusion. So I’m talking about that Realization, Spontaneous Conviction: ‘I am Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master, I am nothing to do with the world’.

This is an illusory world. The moment Presence clicked with the body you see the world. Where is the world prior to beingness? That means the entire world is projected out of your Presence. Therefore I define it as ‘Unidentified’ Identity, ‘Invisible’ Identity, ‘Anonymous’ Identity which cannot be defined, cannot be guessed, cannot be imagined. This Reality is supposed to be absorbed totally. Only dry discussion on spirituality will not help you. And the human body is a golden opportunity to identify yourself.

Q7: Maharaj?

Maharaj:  Yes?

Q7: What is the benefit of initiation?

Maharaj: Benefit of what?

Q7: Of initiation, Nama Mantra.

Maharaj: Nama Mantra, yes. It is inviting the attention of the Meditator that you are Brahman, Atman, Paramatman. It is the beginning stage, the foundation. You forgot your identity, always we are measuring ourself in body-form. Basically you are not the body-form, no shape is there. If somebody lost his memory we are showing some articles, something, showing this thing, this thing.  The purpose behind that, you should regain your memory. Same thing here. We’ve lost our memory, we’ve accepted body as our identity. And to dissolve body-identity initiation is there, ‘I am Brahman, Brahman I am’.


Q8: Why Spirit forgot Himself?

Maharaj: There’s no reason at all – Spirit does not know ‘I am Spirit’. Spirit does not know ‘I am Spirit’. Spirit is the name given to the Presence, Invisible Presence, Power, Energy. Does electricity know that ‘I am lighting all these things’? There’s no reason ‘why Spirit’. Because we are trying to guess with the intellect. Your Presence in the world is Spontaneous Presence. Everyday you see dreams, you know? Are you planning ‘I will see this dream today, this dream tomorrow’? And who is acting in that dream? Who is watching that dream? And you are acting in that dream as somebody else. You see the sun, moon, and everything, you see narrating. How is that dream world projected?  You are sleeping. And who is taking the video-shooting of all the dreams?  Likewise, this is a long dream: ‘I am somebody else”.

Q9:  So Maharaj?

Maharaj: Yes?

Q9: Do you teach that Moola Maya, all is a dream?

Maharaj: What ‘Maya’, no ‘Maya’, ‘Maya’ is a concept.

Q9: Correct. But Moola Maya?

Maharaj: ‘Maya’ is the name given to the illusory concepts.

Q9: Okay, great. And you teach that?

Maharaj: What is the ‘Maya’? Prior to beingness what is the ‘Maya’?  ‘Maya’ is illusion, an illusory concept.

Q9: Of course. So you teach that existence is like a dream?

Maharaj: Of course, of course. Not ‘I am thinking’, it is fact! My thinking is not (inaudible), it’s a fact, it’s Reality. The entire world is projected out of your Presence, all things appear upon your Presence.  It is not my thinking, it is a universal thing, a universal fact.

Q9: Did you know Ranjit Maharaj?

Maharaj: Yes, I knew him. He was my Guru’s Guru Brother.

Q9: Yes, he was my teacher.

Maharaj: Yes, yes, he was a great person. Nisargadatta Maharaj was my Master.

Q9: And Siddharameshwar Maharaj… 

Maharaj: …and Siddharameshwar Maharaj was my spiritual Grand-Master, grand-father.

Q10: Is love a concept as well?

Maharaj: Of course, when did you come across the ‘love’? ‘Love’, ‘affection’, these are concepts which appeared upon your Presence. When the Spirit clicked with the body, the love, affection, appeared before you. What is the love? Prior to beingness no love is there.  After leaving the body any love is there? So far we’re measuring ourselves in body-form, ‘love’, ‘affection’, so many things are there, so many relations are there: ‘my father’, ‘my sister’, ‘my brother’, ‘my Master’, ‘my God’, thousands of concepts are there. The moment the body dissolves nothing is there, no relations. All relations are body-based relations, and you are not the body at all, you were not the body at all, you’re not going to remain the body at all, because you’re Ultimate Truth, you’re Final Truth, Final Reality. 

And to absorb this Reality, again I am repeating, you are to undergo the meditation, it’s the only source. Only reading, only talking, only listening, no. And you can do it! Nothing is impossible. Because except your Selfless Self nothing is there.

Be practical. Not to neglect your family life. If you’re doing a job, do your job, you’re doing duties, do your duties. So “I’m Brahman”, or “I’m spiritual man, how can I do all these things”, no restrictions at all. What you’re reading, what you’re doing, has nothing to do with it. There’s no deed, there’s no doer! Because we are measuring ourself in body-form therefore we are saying “I did something, bad thing, good thing”. What is a ‘good thing’ what is a ‘bad thing’? That which is tolerable is a ‘good thing’, that which is not tolerable is a ‘bad thing’.


Q4: I think of bliss, and then I think of impersonal love as sort of the same, and to me, when I’m there, it’s a fact to me.  Then other times, I forget that fact.  So is the bliss, the bliss and love…

Maharaj: Not to measure yourself in body-form.  What blessing is there?

Q4: Bliss, bliss…

Maharaj: Ah, acha, acha (I  understand), blissfulness.

Q4: So,when I experience that it’s a fact for me…

Maharaj: It’s okay, it’s okay…

Q4: …but then I forget it, and then it’s no longer a fact.

Maharaj: Don’t underestimate you. Nothing (inaudible), nothing (inaudible). That so-called ‘I’ is supposed to dissolve.

Q11: When you meditate do you have to repeat a certain Mantra?

Maharaj: Yes, of course, of course. Therefore I told you, our lineage is having a different mantra. ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ is one, ‘Soham’ mantra is there, ‘Sivoham’ mantra is there, ‘I am Brahman, Brahman I am’.  Various mantra’s, various words are there.  It is an indication, some key-words. Through those words you  are to identify, you are hammering yourself.  You’re not only sitting for one hour, two hours. You can sit for meditation, but all the time involvement is required.


Q11: When I do the meditation I can’t help but have thoughts coming through. What do I have to do to stop the thoughts?

Maharaj: It’s the nature of the mind. Mind means flow of thoughts. You are witnessing thoughts, you are different from thoughts.  You are witnessing thoughts, good thoughts, bad thoughts, you are witnessing.  Not to try to control the thoughts, let them be there. Suppose you are sitting here and outside something happens, you’re neglecting it. Thoughts are flowing all the time. Which thoughts to be accepted and which thoughts not to be accepted is up to you.



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