Nothing is useless, Nothing is useful – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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Stop thinking, be normal, forget everything. How you were prior to 100 years like that you stay. When there was no body experience, like that you stay. Get rid of all these thoughts, rid of all these thoughts. Your a rich man, your a great man. OK, Don’t worry about, it will take care of it. This is not understanding, this is fact. When your understanding something else is there, but it is fact. I’m simplifying. The light is a fact. For understanding I will realize, there is understanding. So understanding and fact there’s always difference. You are beyond understanding.

During this lifetime there is bound to be different types of storms. So you must have a strong capacity to face all types of storms. So you will feel that type of incident in the moment, but when you come out of that moment. Every spiritual man or spiritual entity, always coming across various types of storms. But you face it strongly. Because you are holding body, body contains five elements, every elements has it’s own strain. And you are providing strain to all of these five elements. Without your Presence they can not come across. That means you have a lot more importance than the five elements. Your Presence is totally doubtless, it is strong Presence. So unpleasant veils appear on the Presence trying to disturb you. So if your not strong internally than it effects you, then you become nervous. Then you say ‘I have no faith’. So this is coming and going. See for example yesterday your happiness abound, shouting happy, today it’s different situation, tomorrow again your down. But in truth? Yesterday is good, today is good. So it is bound to happen. Not to take note of any happening or not happening. In every situation, good or bad situation, your Presence is there.

You say this is a good situation, this is a bad situation, there is no good situation or bad situation at all. Question of nervousness, question of disappointment, nothing is there. See Nisargadatta Maharaj had a lot of difficulties in life. After having Mantra he left all these shops, 8-9 shops were there, a lot of property, at that time very, very rich. Just to confirm the principle or teaching of masters, he went away, left everything. With only his clothes he went away and for a year he was wandering here and there. He faced a lot of problems. One time, when he was wandering here and there, there’s nothing, he was very, very hungry he wants water, and he started to become very disappointied. What to do? At that time he sees some cottage, far in distant place, some smoke is coming. With hope he went there, and one old man was there. He says ‘what you want?’ Maharaj says ‘I am hungry I want water I am thirsty.’ So he goes and gets him some food, after going some time, he sees that cottage disappeared. So when he came back to Mumbai, all shops were taken away by partners, one shop remained. But he was having strong faith in his Master, and out of that he overcame all the difficulties. His young daughter died, expired, wife expired, mother expired, so many unpleasant incidents taking place during his life. But he did not become discouraged by these. Because he had perfect knowledge that Master had given to him. He used to say ‘I welcome all the difficulties’ so like that he was very, very strong. Because he was having strong faith in Master. He was not nervous any moment, and with this it is instructing, to have courage. With that effect, he is explaining his own experience.

Whatever difficulty you are having in spiritual life, be strong, because you are Ultimate. Unpleasant veils are going and coming. Not enter your spiritual life. These are the life experiences of all the saints. Life experience of the saints. All saints faced so many problems, but they stick with their own Unidentified Identity. Not to give undue importance to thoughts, intellect or mind. Undue importance to flowing thoughts or mind or intellect. Just you see the thoughts, just keep quiet. Because you have become victim of some thoughts, you say ‘I have lost faith’ ‘I am so disappointed’because you have become victim of your thoughts which are flowing. And then you forgot your strength. Remind your energy, you are He-Man, come with all power. ok, you say anything, that you are free to express. So it is temporary effect. Nothing is useless, nothing is useful. The thought is, ‘this is useful’, ‘this is a useless thing’. Without your Presence who says this is useless or this is useful? What is the meaning of useless and useful? It’s all concept, someone says ‘this is useful’, someone says ‘this is not useful’. So we have become a victim of our own concepts. There is no world at all so what is useful and useless?

My dear child entire world is your own projection. Nothing is good, nothing is bad. Good thing, bad thing appeared on your Presence. Just like a cloud comes on sun. The sun says ‘This cloud is useless?’ ‘I have to remove that black cloud’ It’s coming and going, sun is there. You are beyond sun.


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