Nothing Is There – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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There’s no limitations. Body is having limitation. With these various words we are trying to convince except yourself nothing is there in the world. Who says ‘I’? To say ‘I’ to say ‘you’ some identity is required. For discussion purposes, you have to take the help of some words. Spiritual words. Just to convince that Invisible Identity, which can not be defined in words. So the source of the entire world is within you only, not in the form of body. But because of long association with the body, and so called mind, and ego and intellect. You forgot your identity. Started thinking I am a man or woman. ‘I am knowledge’, ‘I am Brahamn’, ‘I am Atman’, ‘I am Paramatman, God or Master’. All these terminologies started.

As a matter of fact, these terminologies, these terminologies are within the space of time, of I am, from childhood until today. Prior to childhood, when your not knowing yourself, there is no I am, there is no Brahman, there is no Atman, there is no Paramatman,there is no Master, nothing. After leaving this body, there is no experiencer, there is no experience,there is no identity,there is no consciousness, there is no awareness, nothing is there.

Q: I can compare it is like a hole in the ice, I was covered in ice and you break the hole.

Don’t apply your intellect, don’t make deliberate effort, what I told is Ultimate, is your identity, spontaneous identity, invisible identity. I try to explain, in some words, words have no meaning, just to convey, because without words I can’t convey you. So I am taking the help of them, but as a matter of fact, nothing is there, except yourself. It’s open truth. All our discussions, even spiritual discussion, high level discussions, discussions about Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master, these are only dry discussions. We can go on discussing hours together their is no meaning, out of discussion, what is the conclusion.

Q: No conclusion.

Conclusion is that, except yourself nothing is there. All spiritual books, all the discussion, all this information,with various sources, what they indicate, is except that Unidentified, Spontaneous, Anonymous, Invisible Identity, nothing is there.So be calm and quiet. You do your job, spirituality is not disturbing your routine life. It’s not something, what happens, I am going to die, no. But, at Ultimate stage you are totally fearless, there won’t be any type of tension, there is no question of happiness or unhappiness.All these terminologies, connected with the body form only. When there is conviction ‘I am not body, I was not body, I am not going to remain body,then why should I be bothered about any of this atmosphere?’

Q: To survive.

OK, therefore Siddharameshwar Maharaj rightly says “This is little carrot, so far you can play, you play, otherwise you can eat it.” So, with various words, various terminologies, with various
information,trying to convince, Silent, Invisible, Anonymous, Spontaneous, Listener, everything behind, Your Spontaneous Presence is there. Don’t try to color it in the form of mind, ego, intellect. There is no mind, there is no ego, there is not any intellect.


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