No Time, No Space – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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Q: What is the meaning of beyond time and space?

M:Time and space we created, no time no space is there. No meaning is there, everything is meaningless. Yourself, myself the entire world is meaningless. Entire world is illusion. Who has created time? After having touched with the body you say ‘This is time, this is space, this is east, this is west’, no meaning is there. Though no words are there, there is no meaning. Your Absolute everywhere you are. Beyond sky, your Presence is beyond sky, no meaning is there. Meaning is also giving some limitations.
For discussion it is OK. No time limit, no border limit, no meaning is there. You see within your Selfless Self, nothing is there. Just some way, some subtle way say ‘I’. Without having any shape. The wave does not have any shape. The experience I have is because of body base, if body is not there who will talk about the I? If body is not there, who will talk about the ‘I’, ‘You’, ‘He”, ‘She’, ‘It’, nothing is there. Nisargadatta Maharaj says ‘If you want to compare, compare just like the sky’, sky does not have it’s own feeling. Birth, death, meaning, time limit, nothing is there. We created a circle, we created so many concepts, ok, using say, human life, all conditions and meanings are there. All science is there, spiritual science is there, religions are there, it is an illusory world. That is what is ‘Shivoham’ no master, no brother, no disciple, nothing is there. It is easy to say but you need to have spontaneous conviction. It is open fact. After leaving body where is the meaning? As long as we are living in the body as a man or woman, ‘somebody else’ all these concepts are there. When did concepts come across, when you came across with the body, if there is no body, no concepts are there. I’m inviting attention of that Ultimate Truth. Listeners truth.

Q: Prior to beingness, it doesn’t seem, there is nothing Maharaj.

M: Yes, of course, nothing, to know nothing, all this everything is there. I told you everything came out of nothing, everything dissolves within nothing. Just for discussion purpose we are refreshing the Reality. Because you forgot your identity, it is not your fault. Because of long association with the body, you forgot your identity under the pressure of man, woman, some concepts are there, all concepts came along with the body and will dissolve along with the body. Entire world is illusion, nothing is there. Brahman is illusion, Atman is illusion, Paramatman, Master and Disciple is illusion. Siddharameshwar Maharaj says ‘To teach you something I have to take ego as a master’ without ego I can’t talk with you. There is no difference between you and me, but you are posing as a man ‘somebody else’, you have to change your views. There should be conviction, ‘I am nothing to do with the world’.

Q: What do you mean by idendity? Unidentified, but you said it is identity?

M: Presence is there. Without your knowledge, some Presence is there. Therefore, unidentified, invisble annonymous identity. Listen to my words, how I define. It is unidentified, invisble identity – you can’t see, annonymous – there is no name, you can’t define it. Pure Presence, Presence is nameless, without form, it cannot be defined with any words. Therefore we say unidentified idenity, annonymous identity, invisble identity. You can’t guess.

Q: Maharaj, does it indicate itself?

M: Selfless Self. You say ‘self’ it is having some color of ego, when you say ‘self’ there is some color of ego. It is Selfless Self.

Q: Yes, so ‘self’ without ego?

M: Sellfess Self, there is no ego, no mind there is no intellect. There is no ‘I’ there is no ‘You’ nothing is there.


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