No I Am

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Maharaj: Have you read Ramana Maharshi and all?

Q: Yes, all the books.

Maharaj: So you have a good background. Everybody is having spiritual knowledge. Everybody knows ‘Atman’, ‘Paramatman’.  But practical knowledge is most important.  Because what happens?  We’ve accepted the body as our identity.  Prior to beingness there was no body, no shape. But because of long association with the body we’ve accepted the body as our identity, forgotten our identity. As a matter of fact, Reality is there.  Your Spontaneous Invisible Presence is Reality.

What is the importance of spirituality? Because of long association with the body we are considering ourself in body-form.  What are we requiring?  Everybody wants happiness, peacefulness, tension-free life, fearless life, the four things required in one’s life.  We’ve accepted the body as identity and therefore we’ve forgotten our identity.

So the purpose of spirituality is just to identity oneself in a real sense.  We’re identifying ourselves in body-form. As a matter of fact, you’re shapeless, there’s no birth, there’s no body at all.  Prior to beingness there’s no body, after leaving the body nothing remains.

The purpose behind this is just to identify yourself in a real sense.  We’re identifying ourselves in body-form which is illusion.   To dissolve all these illusions spirituality is most important. What is spirituality?  Just to identify oneself.  We’re identifying ourself in this form, and that is illusion, as I told you.  So the same simple question is ‘how were you prior to beingness? After leaving the body?’.

We have so many concepts. We’ve got literal knowledge, a lot of literal knowledge, “I am somebody else”.  We are knowing ‘karma’, ‘dharma’, so many religions are there, so many concepts are there.  We’ve wrapped all these concepts around us and are trying to live within the concepts. We have to dissolve all concepts.  Your Spontaneous Invisible Presence is Ultimate Truth, that you are not knowing.  Your Invisible Listener is Master.  But because we are measuring ourself in body form, we forgot our Master.

Except your Selfless Self, nothing is there. God, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, this is your name – not in body form. Therefore I am inviting the attention of the Invisible Listener within you that you are Ultimate Truth.  But we’re not accepting this because of the impact of the body.  It’s a fact, even if you think intellectually. Prior to beingness there is no body, no concept, no ‘I am’ also.  The moment the Presence clicked with the body you say “I am somebody else”. You are nobody, you are everybody.  Your Presence is just like space or sky – you’re everywhere.  Therefore not to measure yourself in body-form, that is the most important thing.  And for which the only source is meditation.  I’m telling you, meditation is also illusion at the advanced stage.


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