No Confusion – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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So far what I have told. So far what I have told, keep in mind. There is no question of any confusion. No question of any confusion. This is a straight approach. Why is there confusion? Because so far you are taking yourself as you are the body. Which you are not at all. As and when there is confusion, as and when there is question, as and when there is doubt, that means because of the body base. So, you were not the body, you are not the body and you are not going to remain as a body. Use this body. Enjoy this body. But you must have construct, you must have constructed the feeling, ‘I am not the body at all’. It is the truth. Your truth, everybody’s truth. To maintain this Reality, you have to undergo meditation every day. To maintain this health, we are exercising. Similarly, to maintain spiritual health you have to undergo meditation. No doubt it is illusion, but you have to undergo meditation until you have perfection in conviction. When a small child is there, he is not able to walk on his own feet. You are giving some cart so he can walk. After having strength in the legs, that child is not using that cart.

Q: What exactly must he concentrate on?

That meditation is there. I told you through Guru Mantra. But if you are not believing in Guru Mantra, you pick your right way who’s your guru, then concentrate him. There is no hard and fast rule. If you are following Ramana Maharashi, keep Ramana Maharshi right there. If you have strong belief, go ahead, it’s ok. It is up to you only. To accept some Master is up to you. You can consider any Master. You can choose any Master, where you are having strong faith. But that faith should be honest faith. Complete trust is required. No shaky knowledge. Because all of these Master’s had strong faith in their own Master.


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