Message from Sri Ramakant Maharaj

14666202_1123384784364593_6777369730090370730_nJaiguru  This is a sign of absorbing the reality with in you Instead of playing with spiritual words Atman Paramatman god or Master Mind Ego intellects Maya Brahman Destiny Last birth Future birth Karma or Religion Past life future life Consciousness or subconsciousness Subtle bodies and so on.

It’s a fact prior to beingness nothing was there After leaving body nothing will remain Spirituality is required to identify unidentified identity Or spontaneous conviction that food body is not identity at all. Why to play with the so called spiritual words?  Because what we see is seers projection If seers spontaneous presence is not their in food body who will identify the world?

In brief whatever we see and experience is totally illusion but spontaneous seer through food body is a reality where there is no experience, no experiencer, No witness, no witneser It’s beyond imagination beyond logical or intellectual guessing.So everything came out of Nothing and everything will dissolve within Nothing.

As you know better language was created within the circle of human body. When spontaneous Presence touched with the body experience of ‘I’ appear upon Presence.  Either male or female and instantly everybody started measuring ‘I am somebody’ along with mind ego intellect appeared through food body and started functioning. Since food body experience is not tolerable one started to have happiness Peacefulness Tension free life and fearless life through material causes.  And it found material causes are giving temporary relief then human beings turn to Spirituality through which one can identify oneself in real sense and various illusory concepts dissolve spontaneously. There will be miraculous or dramatic changes appearing Exceptional blissfulness, Peacefulness, Fearless, No tension and all these without any material causes.

As you know for which in the beginning external realised master is necessary, as a matter of fact external and internal masters are spiritual concepts, however in initial stage it’s necessary till one has Spontaneous Conviction. Further meditation Sincere involvement in spirituality and complete trust strong faith in master necessary.  As I told earlier after spontaneous conviction all activities remain untouched or unconcerned with the illusory world.

So all spiritual discussion is just like talking about unborn child Nothing has been happen and nothing is going to happen and hence no need is required to refer any spiritual book,  No need to approach so many masters after conviction of unidentified anonymous invisible identity. My Sadguru Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj used to say How you were prior to beingness and How you will be after leaving the food body be remain like that. Further avoid playing with spiritual words Avoid analyzing or debating the words as language is created just to have conversation and sharing thoughts. I think I tried my level best to convince the devotees With regards and blessings to all Jaisadguru.


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