Message from Sri Ramakant Maharaj

10-26-bless Jaiguru, After strong involvement in spirituality through meditation, some flow of illusory concepts appear upon your spontaneous invisible presence and instantly disappear. You continue with your normal spiritual practice which will result in all concepts vanishing, including Brahman.

How you were prior to beingness where there is no experience and experiencer, No witness No Witnesser. Though you are living with human body you remain unconcerned with the illusionary world, where there will be complete peacefulness, Happiness and Fearlessness, No feelings of existence, hence no confusion. All identities disappear, including mind, ego and intellect, which is miraculous and cannot be expressed in words. In brief you are very close with the top of the spiritual mountain, so don’t see back and not to share whatever is happening in your spiritual life.

Because your spontaneous presence is everywhere just like sky or space, where there is no individuality. Where experience and experiencer dissolves or disappears. No body essence remains. I think now you need not require excessive practice or Sadhana because Ultimate Truth or Reality absorbed within you. Don’t pay attention to whatever is happening or not happening in this illusionary world. Whatever I have conveyed to you for your spirituality is enough.

When you are having strong devotion; your crazy mind rebels against you, to distract you from your reality. Do not struggle with mind. Thoughts either good or bad flowing through the mind is the nature of mind. Don’t pay so much attention towards your mind ego and intellect. As you know so many unpleasant incidences happen in your life and with your strong spiritual will power you overcome all these problems. Further at the blessings of Sadguru your ‘so many unpleasant problems’ are solved miraculously. What more do you want? Sadguru krupa is always with you.
Why to worry? Be normal, Be simple, Be humble, Be always with you.

Concentrate in meditation. Continue reciting Nam Mantra. Be peaceful, Be tension free, Be happy, Be fearless all the time. In human life pain is more and pleasure is less. Almost all spiritual saints face a lot of problems, but with their strong devotional power, they overcome all unpleasant situations. Don’t be slave of your mind.

With your strong devotion and faith in Sadguru you can easily control your mind, ego and intellect.

Sadguru Bhakti is having Strong Shakti Power.

With blessings to all Jai Sadguru


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