Long Association with the Body

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Feelings are bound to be there, because relations are there. ‘My father’, ‘my mother’, ‘my husband’, ‘my child’, it’s okay, it happens. This is not bad, don’t feel bad, this happens. Because we are having long association with the body, if something happens to(inaudible) we feel sorry, very sorry. Because we have love and affection with the body. We’re loving ourself more than our relatives, you know? You know the story of that monkey?

Q: So there’s this parable of a monkey, a very terrible story. It illustrates, sort of, how much you prioritize yourself. There’s a flood, so the monkey tries to climb up. The water still keeps rising so the monkey tries to climb up further. And then she can’t climb any further, and her children are there. So she tries to lift the children up, but the water reaches up, up, up. Finally she just gets desperate, and she stands on the child. A terrible story.

The point it’s trying to make is that you have an instinct of self-preservation for your body that trumps other things.

Shall we wrap up? If there’s any more questions?

Maharaj: You can ask questions, be free.

Q: Maharaj, when you said in ‘Selfless Self’, that Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj taught you or showed you how to read the book ‘Dasbodh’. But you never said what he taught you, you never said how he taught you how to read. You just spoke about it but you never said…

Maharaj: Ah, yes, when I used to go every day to Nisargadatta Maharaj, during those days. The regular reader was not there, so he asked me to read the ‘Dasbodh’, and I was reading with a very low voice, no? So he said, “Your voice should go to ten thousand people!” So, like that, what I am today, I am because of him only. All my education, all everything. He gave practical advice. Once I was sitting in the corner, he said, “What are you doing?”, (I replied) “Nothing”. (He said), “What do you mean by spirituality? Pressing the feet of the Master? Putting garlands? Clapping? This is not spirituality. Do something in life. Why don’t you join college?” I was not in a position to join college because some financial problems were there. “Join college! Don’t come to me! Don’t bring any garlands! Don’t bring Prasad!” And coincidentally, one minister of the college was there. “Take this boy in your college.” He felt sorry because I got very low, marginal marks in my (inaudible). “Take this boy in your college”. And with great difficulty I joined college. He used to say, “Do something. You have to learn to the age of 40.” And so I was learning until the age of 40. My graduation, my(inaudible) graduation, my law graduation, all these degrees belong to Maharaj. He treated me just like his child.

And with the grace of Nisargadatta Maharaj, my Master, I am sharing this knowledge free of charge with everybody. And I told you, the same thing Siddharameshwar told, if you’re Realized, make others Realized. Place your carpet and start talking the knowledge, but not to make commercialization of the knowledge. Why? Why is money required? It’s free knowledge.


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