Little Mistake – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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You are steady. Everything is moving around you. When you are traveling on train. You are steady train is running, trees are also running. You are there and there only. So likewise, your existence is beyond sky. So, what I want to convey to you is that without body your existence is beyond sky. So don’t worry what will happen, ‘I dreamt this body, what will happen to that soul’ or whatever. Nothing is going to happen. When you come in this world as a man or woman, have you thought prior to birth ‘I will take birth in Russia’? Therefore totally don’t have any pressure of body. Enjoy this life peacefully, happily. Do your job efficiently. So now you have got Ultimate Truth in you.

That is sufficient, what do you want more?

These are invaluable jewels given to you. Why to beg for somebody’s grace? One Saint from Ashram, he came here after discussion he says ‘Put your hand on my head’ Why? You can put your own hand on your head. Because he was not, he is about 75, so his devotion more than 50 – 60 years in this field. He had not come across such knowledge. So he wanted to come again, he is suffering from his diabetic condition, has heart condition. Even though after 60 years journey he came here. He was a Swami. So this is direct, this knowledge is very, very rare.

Q: Maharaj, another paragraph from the book.


Q: We don’t know about the specific Ganesha gesture.

‘The spiritual path is very easy’ it’s very easy. I am trying to tell you, spiritual path is very, very easy it is your own story. ‘Attention which is on this side needs to be shifted to the other side’. We are having attention on body, all the time concentrating body, therefore that attention should be paid to the Ultimate Truth. ‘Ganesha idol is God for pleasant thoughts and offer sweets’. Your presenting flowers etc. You are doing everything for the idol. ‘However you do not pay any attention to what he says by his hand gesture. He shows, directly he shows, a pinch between thumb and finger to say “Only this is the mistake which has to be corrected’.

Q: What does that explain?

I’ll tell you. He is directing you pinch thumb and finger. Like this. Only this is the little mistake we are making.
Instead of having attention that ‘I am Brahman’ You are talking as a man or woman, in body form. That means you are Ultimate Truth, but you are committing a little mistake that ‘I am somebody else’.


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