It still seems like a fantasy and a good idea

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Q: So, for the past eight years I’ve read so much, I’ve done so many practices that people have shown me and things like that, and I just feel more confused and more lost than ever before, and I’m just tired of it and I need it all to stop. And I understand it intellectually, a lot of it, but there’s no conviction at all. It still seems like a fantasy and a good idea. I just don’t know what to do anymore to get…

Maharaj: You must accept this, that you are not the body at all. It is fact, open fact, forget about spirituality for a time. You are knowing intellectually that this body is not your identity at all. You were a small child, you have become a young man, after you will become an old man, and after, willingly or unwillingly, you will have to leave this body. That means the body is not your identity, open fact. Forget about spirituality, these are intellectual things. The concept ‘I am somebody else’ is supposed to dissolve. The concept ‘I am somebody else’ is supposed to be dissolved. There is no karma, no dharma, no destiny, nothing is there. You are totally unborn, it is fact! So many concepts are there after reading so many books. We are depending upon bookish knowledge, literal knowledge. Last birth, future birth, who’s birth? Is the sky taking any birth?  Is the sky having any destiny? You’re Spontaneous, Invisible Presence is beyond that.


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