Is Love a Concept?

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Q: Is love a concept as well?

Maharaj: Of course, when did you come across the ‘love’? ‘Love’, ‘affection’, these are concepts which appeared upon your Presence. When the Spirit clicked with the body, the love, affection, appeared before you. What is the love? Prior to beingness no love is there.  After leaving the body any love is there? So far we’re measuring ourselves in body-form, ‘love’, ‘affection’, so many things are there, so many relations are there: ‘my father’, ‘my sister’, ‘my brother’, ‘my Master’, ‘my God’, thousands of concepts are there. The moment the body dissolves nothing is there, no relations. All relations are body-based relations, and you are not the body at all, you were not the body at all, you’re not going to remain the body at all, because you’re Ultimate Truth, you’re Final Truth, Final Reality.

And to absorb this Reality, again I am repeating, you are to undergo the meditation, it’s the only source. Only reading, only talking, only listening, no. And you can do it! Nothing is impossible. Because except your Selfless Self nothing is there.

Be practical. Not to neglect your family life. If you’re doing a job, do your job, you’re doing duties, do your duties. So “I’m Brahman”, or “I’m spiritual man, how can I do all these things”, no restrictions at all. What you’re reading, what you’re doing, has nothing to do with it. There’s no deed, there’s no doer! Because we are measuring ourself in body-form therefore we are saying “I did something, bad thing, good thing”. What is a ‘good thing’ what is a ‘bad thing’? That which is tolerable is a ‘good thing’, that which is not tolerable is a ‘bad thing’.


Q: I think of bliss, and then I think of impersonal love as sort of the same, and to me, when I’m there, it’s a fact to me.  Then other times, I forget that fact.  So is the bliss, the bliss and love…

Maharaj: Not to measure yourself in body-form.  What blessing is there?

Q: Bliss, bliss…

Maharaj: Ah, acha, acha (I  understand), blissfulness.

Q: So,when I experience that it’s a fact for me…

Maharaj: It’s okay, it’s okay…

Q: …but then I forget it, and then it’s no longer a fact.

Maharaj: Don’t underestimate you. Nothing forgottennothing rememberedThat so-called ‘I’ is supposed to dissolve.

Q: When you meditate do you have to repeat a certain Mantra?

Maharaj: Yes, of course, of course. Therefore I told you, our lineage is having a different mantra. ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ is one, ‘Soham’ mantra is there, ‘Sivoham’ mantra is there, ‘I am Brahman, Brahman I am’.  Various mantra’s, various words are there.  It is an indication, some key-words. Through those words you  are to identify, you are hammering yourself.  You’re not only sitting for one hour, two hours. You can sit for meditation, but all the time involvement is required.


Q: When I do the meditation I can’t help but have thoughts coming through. What do I have to do to stop the thoughts?

Maharaj: It’s the nature of the mind. Mind means flow of thoughts. You are witnessing thoughts, you are different from thoughts.  You are witnessing thoughts, good thoughts, bad thoughts, you are witnessing.  Not to try to control the thoughts, let them be there. Suppose you are sitting here and outside something happens, you’re neglecting it. Thoughts are flowing all the time. Which thoughts to be accepted and which thoughts not to be accepted is up to you.


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