I’m Not Telling You to Please You, It Is Fact

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So until you’ve got Conviction, until you remain untouched with the world, untouched with the body-based knowledge, you have to undergo the discipline of meditation. And as I told you that during the meditation and involvement, you may come across with some miraculous experiences, but it is not Reality. They are progressive steps.

Spiritual knowledge says there are three types of miraculous experiences occurring, positive miraculous experiences: Darshan, Sparshan, and Sambhashan. ‘Darshan’ means: after having strong involvement in spirituality, you see your Gods and Godesses and Masters etc., near about you. That sight you’re getting, that transference of sight. ‘Sparshan’ means you’ll get some touch of your Masters. Suppose you’re in difficulties, you’ll feel them placing their hand on your head. Sambhashan means that sometimes your Master, your God, is talking with you. You’ll have some experiences, it’s fact, it happens. So it is a sign of strong devotion, but it is not Reality. Not to stop there. Some day it may happen that the ego will distract you from the Reality: “Oh, I’ve got miraculous power, I can do it!” or something. Nisargadatta once said: “Suppose you’ve got some miraculous power. You’ll use it for one time, second time, but maybe the third time it doesn’t happen, so you’ll collapse.”

So, these are progressive steps, not Ultimate Truth. So be cautious, be alert. And my Master says “I’m not making you a disciple, I’m making you a Master”.  Same thing I’m repeating to you: I’m not making you a disciple, I’m making you a Master. You are Master, you’re already Master. I’m not telling you to please you, it is fact. Because you forgot your identity, the only thing I’m doing is reminding you of your identity, inviting all the time your attention: that Invisible Listener within you is Master of Masters. It’s everywhere just like space or sky. Like the five elements, fire is everywhere, water is everywhere, sky is everywhere. You’re the Projector of the five elements, but you don’t know.


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