Have Silence and Violence will Disappear

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Maharaj: So constant meditation is most important. Any words, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, ‘Sivoham’, through which you’re inviting the attention of the Invisible Concentrator within you. It’s in the beginning stage. The basic knowledge you’ve already got. You’ve read ‘I Am That’, you’ve read ‘Selfless Self’, through which you’ve got some spiritual understanding. After reading that you have to absorb that knowledge. It will happen spontaneously within you. Because you’re the source of this world. Your Spontaneous Invisible Presence is the projector of this world. If there’s no Seer, who will talk about the seen? It is very clear.

But you need courage to accept the Reality. You do your job, do your duties, have responsibilities, open a business, you can do all these things. But at the same time you remain unconcerned and untouched with the world. Where was this world prior to beingness? After leaving the body, what is the fate of this world? So be with you all the time.

Only reading books is not sufficient. It’s a waste of time. Not to torture the body. Try to identify yourself. When you are trying to identify yourself, the identifier will disappear.

Everybody in this world is struggling for peacefulness, happiness, a tension-free life and fearless life. Because all the time we are measuring ourself in body form, therefore all these concepts are required. What is  a peaceful life, who knows it? What is Peace? What is tension? Where was that fear prior to beingness? Nothing was there. After leaving the body do you want any peace? Any tension will be there? No tension. Because we are counting ourself in body-form, all tensions are there, all desires are there. It is not bad. We’ve become a victim of mind, ego, intellect, why? You can use it, but not to become a slave of your mind. So have silence and violence will disappear.

When you’re reading books, read as if it’s your biography, it’s your story. And be loyal with you, have some strong faith within you. Don’t underestimate you. You are prime, you are the central point of all this world. ‘God’, ‘Brahman’, ‘Atman’, ‘Paramatman’, etc., these are the words indicating your Identity. It is Invisible Identity, it is Unidentified Identity, it is Anonymous Identity, it cannot be guessed. Where everything ends, there you are. So have some firmness, have some courage, ‘Yes, I can do it’. Nothing is impossible. You have to break all this circle of the various concepts. We’re acting within the circle of some concepts. Brahman is also another concept.


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