Exceptional Spiritual Intoxication

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The body is only the media through which you can identify yourself. Everything came out of nothing, everything dissolves into nothing. It’s a fact. Spiritual knowledge is also an illusion. Why do you want spiritual knowledge? Because you forgot your identity. Where is that spiritual knowledge prior to beingness? After leaving your body any spiritual knowledge is there? When did you come across with spirituality? The main purpose is just to identify yourself in a real sense, which leads to the Spontaneous Conviction: I was not the body, I ‘m not the body, I ‘m not going to remain the body. So the moment there is Conviction, everything will dissolve. You have to bow down to your Selfless Self. We are always depending on God to do something: “Oh God do something, oh Master do something”, why? Okay, at the  initial stage it’s okay, but you are no longer a child. Child depends upon it’s parent, but you are grown up, you are spiritually grown up. I am placing before you your facts, the Invisible Listener’s fact.

There is no binding, no conditions. Nothing is required, it is free of charge. Presence is free of charge and you are neglecting that Presence. If there is the Conviction ‘except myself nothing is there’, and ‘myself’ is not an egoistic statement, ‘except Selfless Self nothing is there’, you will get exceptional spiritual intoxication. I call it spiritual intoxication. Though you are living in the world, you remain unconcerned with the world. The entire world is projected out of your Presence. To say ‘world’, your Presence is required. In a dream you see sky, space, everything, even god, etc.  Although you are acting in the dream, who is watching that dream, who is taking the video-shooting of that dream?  After awakening you say “Oh, I’ve seen this thing, that thing, good dream, bad dream”. How was that dream-world projected? Similarly, this world is projected out of your Presence. But Presence does not know ‘I am Presence’, just like sky does not know ‘I am sky’. We say “This is sky”. The five elements do not know ‘I am the five elements, water does not know ‘I am water. Your Presence is beyond that. But we are neglecting all this. So be with you always.


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