Conviction – Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram

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When did you come across with the disturbing mind? When did you come across with the mind? When you know yourself, ‘I am’. Then you came across with the mind. What is the mind? ego? who says ‘my intellect’? Who says ‘I’? To say something, your prior Presence, your Spontaneous Presence is necessary.

How that Presence is? Spontaneous Presence, Invisible Presence, Anonymous Presence. Unidentified identity. Just to indicate, it’s say,identity, or it’s existence. You are having tremendous energy, all the time we are measuring in this body. So therefore, I have given the example of that factory. These are veils, mind, ego, and intellect. That is in charge, ego and intellect are working under him. Workers are there all parts are there, working hours and years together. You are providing them with energy. You are paying their salary. Your taking food. Your nourishing them. I am trying to simplify this.

Q: It is mysterious. Beyond the common sense or solution.

M: See very powerful exceptional energy, power you have. But because you are not aware of your power, therefore you are trying to have some artificial happiness, artificial peace, their painkillers.

Q: I have temptation to use this energy. Ego tempatation to…

M: Again you are taking the body form. Be as it is. After knowing be as it is, be silent. Temptation is coming through the body feeling. Who’s temptations? Why this? No temptation is there. You want to become something. Who wants to become something? Again you are taking the body form. But that conviction is required, Yes! Temptations are bound to be there, feelings are bound to be there. But always behind that temptation, behind that alertness, behind everything, your Presence is there.

Q: If I have conviction I also take the body form.

M: Conviction, there is no separate conviction. I told you this body is called man, that’s conviction. Are you saying ‘I’m a man, I’m a man?, I‘m Vladimer, I’m Vladimer’ are you repeating ‘I am Vladimer, I am Vladimer’? No. Your parents have given the name Vladimer. Your Vladimer. Even in deep sleep, say Vladimer, oh, I am Vladimer. So that name is totally attached with your body. And you accept as fact.

Q: About this conviction, so…

M: This body is called man, that is conviction. If anyone says you are a woman, you will slap him.
Your name is Vladimer. In deep sleep, someone says Vladimer, you wake and say yes. In deep sleep also you remember your name.

Q: So conviction is kind of silent knowledge.

M: Conviction means, Ultimate Truth, which is accepted spontaneously. When that lion is not knowing he is a lion. Since he was brought up with the goats. He considered himself, that lion considered himself, ‘I’m a goat, I’m a got.’ And he started fearing dogs and fox and things. Lion from jungle or forest says ‘You are not a goat, Your a lion.’ He took him and analyzed the all the parts of his body. See my parts of the body, see your parts of the body they are the same. Then he went to compare the body of the goats. Then the goat says “Oh, I am a lion.” Likewise Master is explaining all these things. Your not a man or woman, You are not Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, Master. Your identity is beyond that. Your identity is beyond that. These are high definitions. Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, OK, good, good. But what they want to convey? Your power your energy, is extremely, beyond, beyond, that. Not even that. You are prior to everything. Without presence you can not find see the world. So Your Presence can not be defined in words. We are trying to use so many words, to convince that. What more do you want?

Q: I don’t know.

M: So just be silent.

Q: I want this to be established.

M: Again your asking, why, your already there. You are already there. But you forget, therefore
you say ‘I want to be established’ You are established, the established Truth, it’s Ultimate Truth. Just like you say ‘I want to become Vladimer’ How can you become Vladimer? ‘I want to become man’ You are already man! Likewise the terminology that Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, Master, God, Goddesses, all these are within you only. Only one thing because of association with the body you forgot your identity. That is shown through the source of Master. Their is no difference between, Master and seekers and disciple. Spirit is there.

What is there? Take your time, use your energy, nothing wrong with you. Happiness is there, your beyond fear, fear is a shadow. It is your shadow, ghost, where is the ghost? Your shadow. To say ‘ghost’ or to say ‘God’ your Presence is there. Without your Presence how can you say ‘ghost’ and ‘God’? These are imaginary things.


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