concentrate on the Concentrator

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You’ve got a dream-experience, for example you’ve got a dream-experience. In a dream you see all the five elements, you see water, the sun, moon, everything. Not only that, you see yourself. And you’re deep sleeping. But you’re watching that dream, you’re acting in that dream. Who has created that dream-world? Who is witnessing that dream-world? Who is experiencing that dream-world? Just think it. Same thing here, your Spontaneous Invisible Presence projected all this world. If there’s no awakening in the morning, who’ll talk about the world? Who’ll talk about all these Masters? Who’ll talk about the God?

So directly or indirectly, you’re the base of this world. You’re Ultimate Truth, you’re Final Truth. You’re not required to go anywhere to find out God or Goddesses. But, devote some time for meditation. This is the only solution. Only dry knowledge, if we go on for hours together with dry knowledge, if you read so many books, visit so many Masters, you’ll get temporary relief. One should learn to concentrate on the Concentrator, the Invisible Concentrator. Even if you think intellectually: what is there? Is this body your identity? What is the value of this body? If for one moment the Presence disappears, what is the value of this body? Nothing. Who is talking from this body, who is listening from this body? They’ve got tremendous value. These bodies are different, the Listener and Speaker is one. So not to discriminate. Be with you all the time.

Not to depend upon anybody else. You’re totally independent, you can fly with your own wings. Without wings you can fly. You’re a free bird. Have some courage – spirituality is giving you courage. Since you’re holding the body so many problems may be there. You may come across some unpleasant atmospheres also. But all problems will be solved spontaneously if you’ve got strong courage.

I’m telling you, Nisargadatta Maharaj faced a lot of problems, beyond imagination. When he came back after three years, one shop remained, all family life ruined. Nothing was there. But he was having strong faith in his Master. And strong faith in himself, that is required.


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