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Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram – July 28, 2016

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So the main target is just to identify yourself. After knowing the reality, prior to beingness you are not having any body. After leaving body, no body will be there. This is burning wood, this is a burning wood.So you can take care, not to neglect body, but not to have so much attachment to the body. At time of leaving body ‘I am dying, what to do?’ that concept should not appear. At time of death, so called death, there is no death, there is no birth for the Spirit, Presence. But the feeling appears,’I am dying, I am born’; this concept, birth and death concepts are supposed to be dissolved. Inside what is there?

Everyday we are talking, everyday listening, through listening you have to establish the identity of the listener, Invisible Listener within you. Everyday we are trying to hammer you, except your Selfless Self nothing is there.  So far Presence is there you see the world, the moment Presence seperates from the body, no world is there. Entire world is projected out of your Presence, it’s fact. Same principle. In the beginning you have to undergo the meditation, until you have got conviction. Meditation means involvement, involvement, total devotion.

If you read any books, you go to any masters, this is Ultimate truth, except your Selfless Self nothing is there. What do you know? There is nothing to know. Whatever your knowing, you have got knowledge, it is illusion. No knowledge is knowledge. What is knowledge? Knowledge means just to identify oneself in real sense. We’re identifying ourself in body form and that is illusion, very simple thing, nothing complicated.We are giving more importance to body-knowledge, what ever knowledge we have extracted through body we are depending upon that, body-knowledge.Basically you are not body prior to beingness.

Therefore your view will completely change. No attraction to the world, no irritation. No hatred. No jealousy, nothing is there. Everybody’s equal. Because we are identifying in body form there we have jealousy, hatred, greediness, ‘I want, something, something, something.’ Prior to beingness, what do you want? Nothing. After leaving body what to you want? Any money is required? After leaving body, a dead body can’t say ‘I want money’ No requirements, no needs. All needs, all requirements, came along with the body only. ‘I want this thing, I want this thing, all these, so many things’ That ‘I’ is supposed to be dissolved. Spiritual knowledge is giving you courage to accept the Reality.

It happens some problems come, everybody is having different problems. Because since childhood, so many impressions, so many illusory concepts have been engraved upon us. That will be dissolved. You’re a man, you’re a female, we are knowing ourself ‘I am a male or female, I come from this country, that country’. Ego is there intelect is there, mind is there, all are working for this body. If the Presence is not there, where is the ego? Where is the intellect, where is the mind? My mind, my ego, my intellect, nothing was there. You have to be loyal with yourself. Whatever is told, you have to accept it. We are not accepting it because we have so much body impressions. ‘I am somebody else, I am somebody else’ We are not ready to surrender our ego. We are not ready to surrender subtle ego. Subtle ego is there, ‘I am somebody else’ ‘I am Brahman’ also is ego. ‘I am God’ is ego. ‘I am Master’ is ego. No ego is there, why ego is there? Because basically body is not identity, it is like firewood. This is firewood. Because of Presence we have got some importance. If there is no Presence, people will say ‘Take away, take away.’

Therefore Siddharameshwar says “This is the dirteist body, this is the dirtiest body. Within this dirtiest body, purest things are there.” Dirtiest body, within dirtiest body, purest thing, the Presence is there. The importance of this body is because of the Presence, Invisible Presence within you. But we are measuring ourself in body from and that is illusion, because we are not ready to dissolve it. Literally we are saying “I am Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, something, something.’ Practically, ego bites you from the backside, pricks you from the backside. This should not be a problem. Very simple, be normal, be simple, be humble. Nothing to earn, nothing to lose. Nothing to earn, nothing to lose. Not to gain. No attraction of the world. No publicity, no money, no sex, nothing, nothing. Completely aloof, completely seperate, unconcerned with the world. Though you are living in the world, reacting to all people, but remain unconcerned.

Be silence. Mind, ego, intellect creates violence. Be silence. Just listen. Try to know the secret of your Presence, Try to know the secret of your Presence. When all this is over the Presence is there. Presence does not know. Name is given Brahman, Atman, Paramatman. To identify this Presence, name is given, Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master. It is yourself only. Therefore body-knowledge is supposed to be dissolved. Nama Mantra is there, meditation is there, prayers are there, Bhajans are there, all these to dissolve knowledge. Melting process is supposed to be started. That ego is supposed to be dissolved, totally.

Whatever status you are holding in this world, in society, is because of this Presence. If there is no Presence, what is the status of this body? Your neglecting even if you are multi-millionare, what is the value? If you have millions of dollars, if Presence seperates, what is the use of that millions of dollars? No value. Your not gonna take millions of dollars after leaving the body. The greed. “More, I want more, I want more’ How long are you gonna hold wealth, money? You can’t take it. Don’t underestimate you. Nothing is wrong with you. All these great saintly people have same Spirit which you are already having. Spiritual science says this is a long dream. You are Unborn. There is no death, no birth. Death and birth are related to the body only, not to you. Because you are not having any expereince of birth or death. But everybody is afraid of the death, ‘Oh what will happen?’

Why fear it, let it come. Because you are Unborn, ‘I am Unborn’, that reality is established after having Spontaneous Conviction.
‘I am Unborn’, that reality is established after having Spontaneous Conviction. You’ll not have fear of the death. Whatever happens you will remain unconcerned, untouched. If something happens, it’s ok, nothing. That is the sign of Realization, Enlightenment. Be happy, make others happy. Be peaceful, make others peaceful. There is no hard and fast rule. You can start. Siddharameshwar Maharaj says ” If your enlightened, make others enlightened, start teaching them about spirituality.” But you must have strong conviction. It is not hide and seek. Have to hide alot of spiritual knowledge, ‘oh I’ve got spiritual knowledge’ you are hiding. What your hiding? You are a free bird, you can fly without wings. You can fly without wings. No wings.

Any questions?

So be strong, spiritually strong. The secret of knowledge is given to you, you have to enjoy it. Knowledge is not seperate from you. Invisible Listener within you is the sign of knowledge. As long as Listener, the Presence is in you, body has got value, where there is no value. You have alot of importance, Presence is very valuable, invaluable. And for which again I am repeating, primary stage you have to undergo the meditation, then that knowledge, Reality will be opened. Because it is within you. Why meditation, by that meditation you are hammering yourself. You’ll get the knowledge, it’s open. Then your inner master is talking with you, will start talking with you. Secret of knowledge is within you.



Ramakant Maharaj – Nashik Ashram – April 14, 2016

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Today’s news. Everybody’s got strong body confidence. Everybody’s having spiritual knowledge. Directly or indirectly we are having strong belief in body, and therefore spiritual knowledge is not absorbing. We say oh, ‘I can understand intellectually’, but that knowledge that is accepted intellectually is not absorbing. Because their is strong faith, strong belief, in the body, and therefore it is not entering inside.

So for which again I am repeating meditation, through meditation the body knowledge will be melted, dissolved. I am insisting meditation all the time, everybody repeating meditation, meditation, because such a strong body knowledge is there, so even if you wanted to escape or dissolve this, it is not dissolved because of strong feeling of body. So that strong faith, that power of body-knowledge is supposed to be dissolved slowly, silently and permanantly. Then you will be free from all concepts.

So many persons are coming here; ‘ok, ok, this is good knowledge, good knowledge I appreciate this knowledge’, but I am telling you, this is not only dry knowledge, try to absorb within you, it is your knowledge. If your listening and reading on the base of body-knowledge, it will not absorb. One thing is certain, some or other day, willingly or unwillingly you have to leave the body, it’s a fact. You can’t escape from this incident. I am not asking you to neglect your body. You must believe, prepare yourself, ‘Yes body is not my identity at all’ We are knowing everything but we are not preparing, at time of leaving the body getting some suffocation or something, a pitiable condition, that should not happen. At that time there should be strong courage, ‘Yes, I am not leaving body, I am not body at all, let the body go’.

Nisargadatta Maharaj used to say “When the body is going just think of passing stool.” You know passing, when your passing stool your not thinking, you just let it go. Suppose your passing stool, at that time you are having any grievances? Your refreshed. So he said like that just like your passing stool. Body is gone away forget it, ‘I am not dead’. So what he wants to say, at the time there should not be any grief or sadness inside. If any ambitions remain, subtle ambitions then another dream may be there. This is an opportunity, always requesting everybody, only listening is not sufficient, changing Master’s is not sufficient. Why are you wanting to change your Master, here and there? People say ‘Oh, I have to go to that Master, this Master, that one’. You are wasting your time, wasting your energy.

Because your not faithful with you. Be faithful with you. Be faithful with you and be faithful with your Master. That is the purpose behind spirituality, so you will always remain concerned with the spiritual knowledge, always remain in touch with the spiritual knowledge. You remember all these things, suppose you go anywhere, you may be there, suppose some doubts come, or some confusion or depression is there, unpleasant atmosphere, you remember when you were at Nashik Ashram, you remember all these things, and that concept will be dissolved.
But people are so much attached with the concepts, I’ve told about torturing, one person says ‘No I caused some bad something’, he’s not leaving his imaginations, not leaving concepts. ‘You say don’t worry, but how can I not worry?’ So you have to believe in your Master, Master says ‘Nothing is my property’ but he says ‘No something happened, I have done something wrong in my previous life, that life, that life’. After coming to me, after coming to any Master, if your not leaving your concepts, what is the use of that spirituality? Master says you have not commited anything wrong, you have not committed any sin, but if you say ‘No, No, I did sin.’, what to do? How can Master help you? My Master says I have not done any sin, I’m not doer, there is no deed, if your not accepting that, your own mind, own concepts will be torturing you, nobody is torturing you, nobody is torturing you, your own concepts are torturing you all the time.

You have done something wrong you are a sinner or something, try to mold into the light of this spiritual knowledge, therefore strong belief in yourself and your Master is required, it’s a closed situation, Master says nothing has happened, you are Ultimate Truth, but your not accepting it. Habbit of the beggars, you have a lot of money even though you are begging on the street, like that. That should not be there. So therefore all these great Master’s, they strongly believe in their own Masters. ‘My Master is final’, if God appears before you, ‘No, my Master is Final’ That reality is supposed to be absorbed. That is the principal of spirituality.

Visiting so many places, visiting so many sacred places, something places, what to do? Where are the sacred places prior to beingness? Talking about gods and godesses, and all the certain stories, and according to their stories your trying to go here and there. Waste of time. This is last destiny, last destination, beyond that nothing is there.

Why is knowledge required? So far body, therefore knowledge is required. Why body is required, why Master is required? If body is not there, why Master is required? Master is trying to identify yourself. You forgot your reality. Why Master is required, because you forgot your reality, forgot your identity. You are posing all the time as a man or women, a being. So beingness is supposed to be dissolved. How are you prior to beingness, after leaving the body? That is your identity. In spite of that, people are not following. Listening, reading, black magic, white magic, this magic, nothing is there. If somebody falls sick ‘Oh, some black magic is there, black power may be there’ where is the black power and white power? There’s no black power, white power. So far as you are measuring yourself in body form, therefore your considering the the black power or white power. No white power, black power nothing is there. But that belief so much sticked with him, he was not leaving that, and for which meditation is required. Meditation is slowly, silently, melting all concepts. You will remain always in touch. Bhausaheb Maharaj was very, had very strong foresight. All the prayers, morning prayers, early morning prayers, morning prayers, evening prayers, because the intention you always keep in touch with you 24 hours.

After leaving the premises, some thoughts may come. So you are to recite the Mantra all the time. Do your duties, do your job, while your doing your duties, job, recite Mantra, so it is always hammering you. What to do? What Master can help you? You have to act it. Master has placed before you delicious dishes, you have to eat it, not define it. So be with you. Only listening is not sufficient, have some courage, have some confidence, develop your confidence, develop you will power, spiritual will power. Like I said there won’t be temptation to go anywhere. God, Master, is not seperate from you. So far as your measuring yourself in body form your unable to identify yourself in a real sense. So be strong, OK.


Through All Angles You Have to Identify Yourself

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So far Presence is there, your body is there. The moment the Presence disappears, what is the value of the body? But we’re ignoring this fact. I’m not restricting your activities, you do your duties. If you have a family, take care of your family, take care of your health also. Not to neglect your health. The body is the base, just to identify your Selfless Self. But we’ve got a lot of attraction to the world. Publicity, money, and sex, through which you want to extract happiness. It’s a temporary relief that came along with the body. Where were these prior to beingness? Nothing.

Through all angles you have identify yourself, and you’ll get Spontaneous Conviction. As I told you yesterday: “how to know whether I’m realized or not?”. After having Conviction there will be dramatic changes within you. Spiritual science says there are six measures, again I am repeating. Whether I’m realized or not, how to measure it. Certain dramatic changes, miraculous changes will appear within you. ‘Shama’ means a ‘forgive and forget’ nature. From small things you were getting irritation, that irritation will be stopped. You know Jesus Christ? At the time of nailing, he says, “Oh God, what these people are doing they do not know. Forgive them.” Forgive and forget these things. And ‘Dama’ means: tolerance and patience, no excitement. ‘Titiksha’ means: just to know the Reality. ‘Uparati’ means: no attraction to the world. Though you are living in the body, you are using your body, but there’s no attraction to the world. No money, no nothing, no greediness, not becoming a victim of your mind, ego, intellect. It happens spontaneously. And ‘bhakti’ means devotion, total devotion:“Yes”. Then ‘Shaddah’ means complete faith: ‘Yes, so that I’. There won’t be any struggle, no violence, complete silence is there.

So, every being wants a peaceful life, happy life, fearless life, tension-free life, it’s a fact. You can have it, you’ll get courage out of this spiritual knowledge.

Anybody having any questions regarding this? Be free, don’t worry. Ask a question. Yes?

Q: My mind keeps asking: Why am I here? To be of service or to (inaudible) hold my connection, or…Why, why am I here in the physical body if I already am Brahman?

Maharaj: To say ‘my mind’, you’re different from the mind at all? To say ‘my mind’ you’re different from mind. You’re not mind at all. You’re watching your mind, you identify your mind, you experience your mind, it is separate from you. You’re supplying energy to your mind, you can control your mind. It happens, it’s the nature of the mind, the flow of thoughts. You’re separate from the thoughts, you’re thoughtless.


There’s No Difference Between You and I

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Q: Excuse me for the way I’m talking. When you feel pain, you yourself, and in great pleasures, and in confusion, you probably…it’s of little consequence, is that correct? Or, how would you say it? When there’s pain in the body for you, or pleasures, or temptations, or…

Maharaj: There’s no difference between you and I. We are not different, bodies are different, Presence is one. You’re measuring yourself in body-form. I’m not measuring myself in body-form, so there’s no difference between you and me. These are the words: ‘you’, ‘I’, ‘he’, ‘she’, these are the words.

Q: Yeah. I’ve seen it where you can meditate beyond pain.

Maharaj: And therefore meditation is required because all illusory concepts will dissolve. All illusory concepts are supposed to be dissolved, that’s the most important thing. Only dry talking, dry discussion will not help you. Even if you go to thousands of Masters, it will not help you. You approach your own Master, give importance to your own Master. We’re trying to find so many Masters, and you’re neglecting your own Master.

Everything is within you, it’s fact. God, Brahman, Atman are not separate from you, I’m repeatedly telling you. And to dissolve all illusory concepts you are to undergo meditation. It’s the only source, there’s no other source. If you see thousands of Masters, if you go anywhere, if you torture your body, nothing will happen. These are temporary pain-killers. You’ve got to solve your problem within yourself only. There’s no problem. And for which, again I am repeating: the only source is meditation. Through meditation you’re inviting the attention of the Invisible Meditator within you that you are Ultimate Truth, you’re hammering all the time. You know! Suppose a criminal is there at the police station – “You are a criminal! This is evidence against you! You are a criminal.” Same thing happens: “You are Brahman, I know you are Brahman!”, and all concepts will disappear. It’s not difficult, it’s not difficult. You’ve are to devote some time, have strong faith within you. Because all the time we are dependent upon somebody else. “God will help me”, or “Some Master will help me”. You have to please your own Master within you!

So have some courage! Spirituality is giving you the courage to identify yourself. We’re having a lack of courage. Everybody wants some artificial limbs. You can stand on your own feet! Nothing is wrong with you. You can fly on your own, without wings.

Okay, in the beginning it’s okay. Like a child who depends upon it’s parents and all things, but now you’re grown up.


That Burning Should Be Stopped

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Q: In your book you said that meditation is like a spiritual broom?  It’s a nice image.

Maharaj: Yes, correct, correct. It’s the anti-virus software. Because the files are very corrupt, so many concepts are there. Though we know our identity, though we know the Reality, some concepts are there. And because some weakness is there, they’re flowing, exploiting.

See, basically, what do we want after spiritual knowledge, what is the principle? You want peacefulness, but no peacefulness is there. Always negative thoughts are coming, inside violence is there. We say “Oh, I’m okay, okay”, but something is there inside, burning inside. That burning should be stopped.

All the time we’re posing ourself as a man or woman or something in body-form.  We’ve totally accepted ‘I am the body’ but you’re not the body at all, you were not the body, you’re not going to remain the body. How are you prior to beingness? Just question yourself: “How am I prior to beingness”. How are you after leaving the body? We’ve got a lot of knowledge, but what is the use of that knowledge, spiritual knowledge? Who wants spiritual knowledge? What do you mean by spiritual knowledge? Just to identitfy.

Knowledge is meaningless. There’s no knowledge prior to beingness, there’s no use of knowledge after leaving the body. Knowledge means just to identify oneself in a real sense. We’re identifying ourself in body-form and that is illusion. And again I am repeating, that without meditation it’s not possible. At the advanced stage meditation is also illusion, but it’s necessary (in the beginning). To remove one illusion you have to take the help of another illusion. You know a thorn? To remove one thorn we’re taking the help of another thorn, then throwing away both thorns.

Anybody having any questions? Yes?

Q: So, you do the bhajans, you do the meditation, you do the practice, and eventually it occurs that you know who you are. You know you’re not the body and you know the world isn’t even existing. And then you don’t care, is that right? You don’t even care what happens? So if the body hurts, or if the body has great pleasures, or the body’s angry, the mind’s angry, it has nothing to do with who I am. And that’s the end, that’s the finality.

Maharaj: Because we’re not identifying ourself, therefore all these actions/reactions are there. The moment you identify yourself nothing will be there. Body is not getting angry. If there’s no Presence, is a dead body going to get angry? Prior to beingess did you know about anger or anything? Prior to beingness did you know if anything like anger was there? After leaving the body is any anger there?

Q: Is it like, for me sometimes, quite often, if there’s the anger in the mind it has nothing to do with me, because I’m the ocean, not the individual. And so I see things I take the touch of, like….

Maharaj: Thoughts are flowing inside and you’re taking the help of the ego, the flowing of the thoughts. You’re witnessing the thoughts, good thoughts, bad thoughts. Who is the Witnesser?

Q: Be the witnesser of the best and the worst.

Maharaj: Your Spontaneous Presence is the Witnesser, Invisible Witnesser. Your Spontaneous Invisible Presence is the Witnesser witnessing all these things. All this appears upon your Presence. Presence does not have any anger.

Q: I guess what I’m trying to say is: pain and anger – they don’t seem to be of any concern.

Maharaj: Of course. There’s no concern with your Selfless Self. You’re totally different. This came along with the body only. Prior to body-knowledge nothing was there. We were not knowing what is anger, what is anxiety, nothing was known to us. Who wants peacefulness? Who wants happiness? Who wants a fearless life? Does the body want a fearless life?


Practical Knowledge

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Yesterday we were talking about the principle of spirituality, the purpose of spirituality. And you know that spirituality is just to identify oneself in a real sense. What is the reason behind identifying ourself in a real sense? We are identifying our self as the food-body and that is not Reality. This is not our Reality (Maharaj indicates his body).

There is some glimpses of ‘I’. This is called Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master. Why is this required? Because we are wrapped in illusory concepts: ‘I am somebody else’. And because of that there is no peace, no happiness, always tension is there, fear is there. So unless we identify ourself in a real sense we are not able to identify Reality. And as I told you, literally we are knowing that ‘I am Brahman’ or ‘I am not the body’. Even if you think intellectually, it is fact: the body is not our identity at all. It’s open fact. Who is acting in this body, who is talking, who is listening? The Invisible Listener within you is called Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master, Ultimate Truth. And for which there is no birth, no death, nothing is there. You are unborn, realize that you’re unborn, it’s fact. But we must have practical knowledge. Practical knowledge means: literally we are knowing ‘I am Brahman, Atman, Paramatman, God, Master, I am not the body, the food-body’ but that Reality is supposed to be absorbed totally. Directly or indirectly we depend upon this food-body. We have a lot attachment to the food-body.


You Are There and There Only

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Q: I’m confused about when the best time to activate the inner Master and do the self-enquiry.  Should that…

Maharaj: See, I said that ‘inner Master’ and ‘outer Master’ are concepts. There’s no difference between the internal Master and the external Master. Just for understanding we are saying ‘internal Master’, ‘external Master’, there’s no difference between any ‘internal Master’ and ‘external Master’. It’s just for understanding. Master is Master, there’s no inner and no outer, no external.

Q: Thank you.

Maharaj: Yes?

Q: Who is eligible to have the Naam Mantra?

Maharaj: Everybody!

Q: (inaudible)..requirement for that?

Maharaj: Yes, yes, I told John. If you are willing to have the Naam Mantra, spare some time for Naam Mantra. But it should be sincere. I’m not accepting anything from you, but you should be sincere to accept it, your involvement is most important. Because what happens, is that things we get free of charge have no value. I’m not expecting anything from you except your involvement, which is most important, not anything else. To give the Naam Mantra is not difficult for me. But there should not be some ill-faith or something. Be serious about the Naam Mantra.

Q: How to practice it?

Maharaj: (Inaudible), (I’ll guide you). You are to recite the Mantra according to the breathing. At the initial stage we are giving some discipline, just like when you are learning some language, how to write a-b-c-d and all these things.

Q7: Because sometimes it feels we are torturing ourself.

Maharaj: It’s not necessary to torture yourself. It’s a very simple thing. No torturing, no special exercise. Why to torture the body? It’s a simple thing, it’s your knowledge, not the knowledge of ‘Brahman’, ‘Atman’, ‘Paramatman’. The Invisible Listener within you is Ultimate Truth, it is called Ultimate Truth. But you are neglecting it, you are underestimating yourself. You say “God is great”, “Oh God bless me”, okay, it’s not bad. But if your Presence is not there, how can you identify God?

To say ‘God’ your Presence is required. If there’s no Presence in the body, who will talk about the God? Who will talk about this world? At the initial stage I’m insisting on meditation because we forgot our identity. You might have read so many books, you might have listened to so many Masters. But you’re not reading, not listening as if it’s the listener’s story, the readers story, “It’s my story”. If somebody writes your biography, you“It’s my biography”.


Q: You can also recite with an ‘Om Nama Sivaya’ or (other) mantra also?

Maharaj: You can recite one mantra, any one mantra. Not to take one mantra from one Master, go to another Master for some other mantra.  Have some loyalty or faith with your mantra, any mantra will do. Not to encourage wavering mind: “Today one Master gives this mantra then that Master gives a different Mantra”.

Q: No, in the morning you have a habit of (inaudible), ten minutes…

Maharaj: Okay, no problem. With full faith, full involvement. Any mantra will do: ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ is okay, ‘Sivoham’, any mantra.  But be faithful with full trust.

Q: I’m kind of confused. When you say something comes…nothing comes from something, and then something becomes nothing?

Maharaj: I said that ‘everything came out of nothing, and everything dissolves back into nothing’. Everything came out of nothing and everything dissolves within nothing.

Q: But how can something become nothing? And nothing become something, I mean…

Maharaj: We are playing with the words. Try to identify yourself so this question will not arise in your mind. These are the words, I repeat, this is language through which you are conveying yourself. We have created language: ‘something’, ‘nothing’, ‘everything’, these are words. The basic principle behind that is that you have to try to identify yourself, try to identify the Invisible Listener within you. Instead of analyzing so many words, spiritual words, try to identify: who is the analyzer? Who wants this knowledge? What is the purpose of this knowledge?  To what extent is this knowledge helpful? Suppose somebody has lots of knowledge. Will that knowledge help at the time of leaving the body? Lots of knowledge, so many books you are reading, fifty years of sadhana, seventy years of sadhana, or something. Just question yourself: “After reading so many books, after having approached so many Masters, after having a lot of knowledge, will this knowledge help me at the time of leaving the body?” You should be fearless. That fearless life should be there. That moment should be a happy moment: “I am not dying, no death is there. I am unborn.”

You’ll get spontaneous courage out of spirituality to approach any problem. Thoughts are coming and going, negative thoughts are coming and going, depressions are there. But after having Conviction you’ll neglect all these depressive thoughts. It is momentary, just like clouds, black clouds coming and going. You are there and there only.


Is Love a Concept?

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Q: Is love a concept as well?

Maharaj: Of course, when did you come across the ‘love’? ‘Love’, ‘affection’, these are concepts which appeared upon your Presence. When the Spirit clicked with the body, the love, affection, appeared before you. What is the love? Prior to beingness no love is there.  After leaving the body any love is there? So far we’re measuring ourselves in body-form, ‘love’, ‘affection’, so many things are there, so many relations are there: ‘my father’, ‘my sister’, ‘my brother’, ‘my Master’, ‘my God’, thousands of concepts are there. The moment the body dissolves nothing is there, no relations. All relations are body-based relations, and you are not the body at all, you were not the body at all, you’re not going to remain the body at all, because you’re Ultimate Truth, you’re Final Truth, Final Reality.

And to absorb this Reality, again I am repeating, you are to undergo the meditation, it’s the only source. Only reading, only talking, only listening, no. And you can do it! Nothing is impossible. Because except your Selfless Self nothing is there.

Be practical. Not to neglect your family life. If you’re doing a job, do your job, you’re doing duties, do your duties. So “I’m Brahman”, or “I’m spiritual man, how can I do all these things”, no restrictions at all. What you’re reading, what you’re doing, has nothing to do with it. There’s no deed, there’s no doer! Because we are measuring ourself in body-form therefore we are saying “I did something, bad thing, good thing”. What is a ‘good thing’ what is a ‘bad thing’? That which is tolerable is a ‘good thing’, that which is not tolerable is a ‘bad thing’.


Q: I think of bliss, and then I think of impersonal love as sort of the same, and to me, when I’m there, it’s a fact to me.  Then other times, I forget that fact.  So is the bliss, the bliss and love…

Maharaj: Not to measure yourself in body-form.  What blessing is there?

Q: Bliss, bliss…

Maharaj: Ah, acha, acha (I  understand), blissfulness.

Q: So,when I experience that it’s a fact for me…

Maharaj: It’s okay, it’s okay…

Q: …but then I forget it, and then it’s no longer a fact.

Maharaj: Don’t underestimate you. Nothing forgottennothing rememberedThat so-called ‘I’ is supposed to dissolve.

Q: When you meditate do you have to repeat a certain Mantra?

Maharaj: Yes, of course, of course. Therefore I told you, our lineage is having a different mantra. ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ is one, ‘Soham’ mantra is there, ‘Sivoham’ mantra is there, ‘I am Brahman, Brahman I am’.  Various mantra’s, various words are there.  It is an indication, some key-words. Through those words you  are to identify, you are hammering yourself.  You’re not only sitting for one hour, two hours. You can sit for meditation, but all the time involvement is required.


Q: When I do the meditation I can’t help but have thoughts coming through. What do I have to do to stop the thoughts?

Maharaj: It’s the nature of the mind. Mind means flow of thoughts. You are witnessing thoughts, you are different from thoughts.  You are witnessing thoughts, good thoughts, bad thoughts, you are witnessing.  Not to try to control the thoughts, let them be there. Suppose you are sitting here and outside something happens, you’re neglecting it. Thoughts are flowing all the time. Which thoughts to be accepted and which thoughts not to be accepted is up to you.


Meditation Will Be Spontaneous Within You

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Q: I just have a little technical question about the Mantra Japa. A person can do Mantra Japa while breathing in and breathing out…

Maharaj: Correct.

Q: …and also he can (inaudible), and he can also do the same Mantra, (inaudible), ten or fifteen times, so which one is…

Maharaj: Why ten or fifteen times, there’s no limit of ten or fifteen times. It can be continuously, it is your property, you can use your property.

Q: But then if I take breath in and breath out, I can repeat more than one time…

Maharaj: See, when you’re sitting for meditation, at that time, this principle is there. All the time you can recite the Mantra as it is, be simple.

Q: So if I can do five…

Maharaj: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no problem. I told you, when you’re sitting for meditation, you sit as per the instruction given to you, as for all the time you can recite the Mantra as it is. Be normal. And even then, there’s no hard and fast rule, I’ll tell you. This is the beginning stage, just like when you’re learning some language you write ‘a’ like this, ‘b’ like this, ‘c’ like this, when you’re a student. After having some stages, you’re no longer a student, you’re a master of that particular language.

So when you’re sitting for meditation, you sit in that fashion for half an hour, one hour, two hours, it depends. And according to the breathing it will give more effects, it will be give more absorption. But all the time you can recite the Mantra as it is, not concentrating on the breathing and all. And thereafter also, you’re not required to sit like this also, your meditation will be spontaneous within you. So without your knowledge, even within deep sleep, that meditation is going on inside. This is the beginning stage, the initial stage, but you have to do it.

So be practical. As I told you, this is an opportunity, the body is an opportunity to identify yourself in a real sense. Basically you’re formless, this form isn’t going to remain constant. This is a shape, a form (Maharaj refers to his body).

Yes, anybody have any more questions? Be free.

Q: I have one. Does a certain type of diet help calm your mind? Like a sattvic diet? Vegetarian, not many spices?

Maharaj: No, no, no. No question of diet, diet is not a restriction, it is not a concern. Whatever physical requirement is there is unconcerned with the Reality. What you’re eating, what you’re doing, what you like for the feeling of the body, the requirements of the body, you can do it. Whether you take non-vegetarian or vegetarian is not a concern. How you are identifying yourself, that is most important. You’re not the body, what is required for the body, you can do it. Whether you take the pure water, whether you take other water, this is unconcerned.

So many concepts are there, therefore I’m telling you, you have to come out from all these concepts, body-based concepts, you have to undergo the meditation.

Q: So the yoga, the postures, is another body-based concept then?

Maharaj: Yoga? Yoga is good for health. But it will help you, pranayama is giving some good (effects). There are some types of yoga, padmasana also gives good effects. Yoga is also helping. But it is not Ultimate Truth, it will help you. Pranayama is good for you.

Q: Maharaj, I just want to make sure I understand or elaborate a little bit more on what this gentleman had asked you. There’s a lot of chaos and drama in my family during the course of the day, and I’m trying to repeat the Mantra during all this drama, because in Reality there’s really nobody there…

Maharaj: Correct, correct.

Q: …correct, and I just want to understand: I don’t have to focus on the in and the out breath while I’m repeating the Mantra, while experiencing or seeing the chaos and the drama that is going on. As long as I’m aware and repeating the Mantra, that’s all I have to do. I don’t have to be aware of the in and out breath at that time. I do take time to meditate by myself, but I’m talking about all the other time that all this is going on. Do I have to be aware of the in breath and the out breath….

Maharaj: It is only the beginning stage only, until you’ve got conviction. Breathing, reciting the Mantra – only at the beginning, initial stage. At the Ultimate stage it’s not necessary, not necessary to recite the Mantra also. It happens spontaneously. What is a Mantra? It is reminding you, trying to identify yourself. Where was the Mantra prior to beingness? Any Mantra was there when you came into this world? After leaving the body, any Mantra will remain? The Mantra is also a concept, it is illusion. But to remove one illusion, you have to take the help of another illusion. Just like a thorn, you know a thorn? To remove one thorn you take the help of another thorn and then throw away both the thorns. But you have to do it at the initial stage, I’m telling you the initial stage, the beginning stage.


Measuring Ourself in Body-Form

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Maharaj: You’ll get some courage, power, energy to tolerate all these things. Not even that, I’m telling you, you’ll overcome all the difficulties of your physical problems also.

I’ll tell you a real story, about Guru Ranade, a devotee, a disciple of Bhausaheb Maharaj, it is fact. In those days, say about one hundred years back, he was suffering from tuberculoses, and in those days it was an incurable disease. Guru Ranade’s mother took him to Bhausaheb Maharaj, and he (Guru Ranade) was really surprised that out of meditation he was completely cured. Really, it is a miracle. Though it is not Reality, it happens, it can happen, because you have tremendous power. What I want to tell you, the principle behind that is: you’ve got tremendous power. Anything can happen. You’ll get courage to tolerate all these body-based concepts, all these body-based physical problems.

And therefore I’m insisting, in the beginning stage, you have to devote some time for meditation, it’s very basic. Only discussion is not sufficient. Now the ball is in your court. But it doesn’t require any conditions, any restrictions, what you’re eating, what you’re doing.

Through meditation you can identify yourself in a real sense. Basically identification is most important. All these concepts appeared upon your Presence.

Q: I have a question.

Maharaj: Yes?

Q: I’m finding the more quiet I get, and the quieter my mind and ego get, that my desire to be of service is the only thing that matters. Money’s not mattering, food’s not mattering, just being of service to others has become a priority. Is that natural progress, or…

Maharaj: What happens is we’re counting ourself, measuring ourself in body-form. So many desires are bound to be there, expectations, needs are bound to be there. So for which, after having strong devotion and meditation, all desires will be dissolved. You remain untouched with the world.

What do we want exactly? In the human life, what do we want? We want happiness, peacefulness, tension-free life, and fearless life. But everybody is having fear of the death. After knowing ‘what is death? Exactly what is death?’ – in deep sleep are you fearing? In deep sleep: “Oh, let me go alone!”, you want deep sleep, no? So like that, why to fear death? There’s no death at all. Prior to beingness have you got any fear?

So to have a fearless life, you have to undergo meditation. Meditation gives you courage to face these things. It is placing before you your Reality. And thereafter, I’ll tell you, meditation is also illusion. Until you’ve got Spontaneous Conviction, meditation is a must. Then meditation will be spontaneous afterwards – that Mantra is going on throughout. It creates a vibration, it’s reminding all the time: “You are Brahman, you are Brahman, you are Brahman”, knocking on the door all the time.

Yes, any questions? It’s very simple. Yes?

Q: Can you be specific about the meditation? When we do meditation, it’s not just like closing our eyes and concentrating, but we have to repeat the Mantra? And another thing is: what kind of thinking we should have when we meditate?

Maharaj: Yes, it’s a good question. I’ve placed before you the Ultimate Truth, the body is not your identity at all. I’m not the body, I was not the body, I’m not going to remain the body, it’s a fact. Through meditation, through involvement, through devotion, you’re reminding all the time to your Selfless Self: you’re not the body at all. And after having continuous involvement and devotion, there will be Spontaneous Conviction.

I’ll give you a simple example. This body is called man, you accept it as a man, you’re dreaming as a man. You’re not saying “I’m a man, I’m a man, I’m a man”, some name is given. That conviction that this body is called man, this body is called woman, we accepted it. So you’re neither woman nor man, you’re Brahman, you’re to accept the Reality. And for which you have to undergo the meditation. Through meditation you forget your body-identity, you forget about your body-concepts.