A Talk with Sri Ramakant Maharaj October 17, 2016 Parts 3 and 4

Ramakant Maharaj USA Talk October 17, 2016 – Part 3 of 4

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October 17, 2016
Colombia, USA
Part Three

Maharaj: The bodies are different, Presence is one. And for which, spiritual courage is most important, ‘Yes, I can do it’. It’s not an egoistic statement. And for which, again, meditation is most important.

Whosoever Master it may be, have some strong faith within yourself and your Master, whosoever Master. But not to measure your Master in body-form, it is a formless Master.

You want to ask anything? Yes?

Q: The mind is quiet.

Maharaj: You may ask any question, no problem.

Q: I would like to say, Maharaj, that after…The moment I received your book ‘Selfless Self’, for me it rang…it was a truth what you were saying. I felt totally convinced. Your words rang very true for me, and my hope was to, after reading the first few pages, was simply to meet you and to see you. I understand what you say, that the Master is not in body-form, but it is very important to see you in body-form.

Maharaj: It’s okay.

Q: But my spirit, I felt like it clicked with you, and I’m very happy to be here and to see you now. You made everything so clear, clearer than it’s ever been for me before. And I’m most grateful to you.

Maharaj: So you are to undergo some meditation, that’s most important for you. Have you got any Master? Have you come across with any Master previously?

Q: I’ve been in the Presence of other teachers. When I was a teenager I was directed to go to the Vivekananda Vedanta Society, the temple of Sri Ramakrishna. Because, when I was sixteen years old I met a man, his name was (inaudible), and I started learning Tabla from him and he told me about Sri Ramakrishna. For a little while I lived with his family and he directed me there, but then after that I met other teachers too. Probably one of the most important was (inaudible), he was a teacher in the Sufi lineage, but also he was very much concerned with other lineages too. And then, of course, reading the works of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. But I feel that all of this has led me to you, and I believe with all my heart that when you say this is the final destination, I believe that emphatically. What you teach and what you are saying about who we are, it is the final destination. I feel I don’t need to go anywhere anymore. Even if I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet you, I still would feel that way.

Maharaj: It’s nice, very good.


Q: (To Q2) I think you just expressed a lot of our feelings in here. Having had decades of searching, and then finally, ‘Here’s my Master’. It’s just such a blessing.

Maharaj: So constant meditation is most important. Any words, ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, ‘Sivoham’, through which you’re inviting the attention of the Invisible Concentrator within you. It’s in the beginning stage. The basic knowledge you’ve already got. You’ve read ‘I Am That’, you’ve read ‘Selfless Self’, through which you’ve got some spiritual understanding. After reading that you have to absorb that knowledge. It will happen spontaneously within you. Because you’re the source of this world. Your Spontaneous Invisible Presence is the projector of this world. If there’s no Seer, who will talk about the seen? It is very clear.

But you need courage to accept the Reality. You do your job, do your duties, have responsibilities, open a business, you can do all these things. But at the same time you remain unconcerned and untouched with the world. Where was this world prior to beingness? After leaving the body, what is the fate of this world? So be with you all the time.

Only reading books is not sufficient. It’s a waste of time. Not to torture the body. Try to identify yourself. When you are trying to identify yourself, the identifier will disappear.

Everybody in this world is struggling for peacefulness, happiness, a tension-free life and fearless life. Because all the time we are measuring ourself in body form, therefore all these concepts are required. Who wants a peaceful life, who knows it? What is Peace? What is tension? Where was that fear prior to beingness? Nothing was there. After leaving the body do you want any peace? Any tension will be there? No tension. Because we are counting ourself in body-form, all tensions are there, all desires are there. It is not bad. We’ve become a victim of mind, ego, intellect, why? You can use it, but not to become a slave of your mind. So have silence and violence will disappear.

When you’re reading books, read as if it’s your biography, it’s your story. And be loyal with you, have some strong faith within you. Don’t underestimate you. You are prime, you are the central point of all this world. ‘God’, ‘Brahman’, ‘Atman’, ‘Paramatman’, etc., these are the words indicating your Identity. It is Invisible Identity, it is Unidentified Identity, it is Anonymous Identity, it cannot be guessed. Where everything ends, there you are. So have some firmness, have some courage, ‘Yes, I can do it’. Nothing is impossible. You have to break all this circle of the various concepts. We’re acting within the circle of some concepts. Brahman is also another concept.

Q: And (Inaudible) understanding, you speak of how the Naam Mantra, the Guru Mantra helps us to do that.

Maharaj: Yes, yes.

Q: I’ve been thinking what question I would ask you when I saw you, but not many questions came. As I said before, your word is so clear in ‘Selfless Self’.  What came was that the only question would be to ask you, and I would be eternally grateful to receive the Naam Mantra from you to help dissolve the body-knowledge that you talk about, and to strengthen the conviction even more so.

Maharaj: I will give the Naam Mantra to you. But you have to follow it strictly. There should not be a wavering mind.

So any questions are there for you? Anybody else? You can ask questions, yes?

Q: Not so much of a question, but I would like to say that you exactly spoke what I needed to be heard. Because you spoke about…When being with a picture of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj something happened, Spontaneous Conviction, but I had waves of fear. I felt like there was coming and going of feeling psychotic or something, and crazy. And now that you said I should be courageous, that was what I needed to hear. So thank you.

Ramakant Maharaj USA Talk October 17, 2016 – Part 4 of 4

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Download Transcript October 17, 2016 Part 4

October 17, 2016
Colombia, USA
Part Four

Maharaj: What you have listened to, what you have read so far, you have to absorb it, you have to digest it, number one. Second thing, you must have the Conviction, ‘I was not the body, I am not the body, I’m not going to remain the body’. That Conviction is supposed to appear spontaneously. And how will it appear? After having continuous meditation.

Meditation is not only chanting the Mantra. The meaning of the Mantra – ‘I am Brahman, Brahman I am’ – that is the meaning of the Mantra. But through the Mantra you are hammering yourself. The Mantra is only the cause, you are the consequence. These are the words. It is having some tremendous power. These are not simple words, they have tremendous power. It is creating some vibrations. You’ll feel some changes within you. With full faith, with strong faith, you recite that Mantra, spontaneously you’ll feel something else. Slowly, silently, all this illusion and desire will be dissolved. There will be the spontaneous feeling that my Presence is everywhere and in everyone. In every being my Presence is there. Just like Lord Krishna says, (Maharaj quotes a scripture in hindi), my Presence is everywhere, in every being.

Have you read Gita? The Bhagavad-Gita? My Spontaneous, Invisible Presence is within every being. It is formless, it is shapeless. There is no specific identity, there is no individuality, therefore there is no duality. If at all you want to compare (yourself), compare just like sky or space. You’re beyond that.

Though you are holding this body, you remain separate from the body, untouched with the body, untouched with all these activities.

Feelings are bound to be there, because relations are there. ‘My father’, ‘my mother’, ‘my husband’, ‘my child’, it’s okay, it happens. This is not bad, don’t feel bad, this happens. Because we are having long association with the body, if something happens to (inaudible) we feel sorry, very sorry. Because we have love and affection with the body. We’re loving ourself more than our relatives, you know? You know the story of that monkey?

Q: So there’s this parable of a monkey, a very terrible story. It illustrates, sort of, how much you prioritize yourself. There’s a flood, so the monkey tries to climb up. The water still keeps rising so the monkey tries to climb up further. And then she can’t climb any further, and her children are there. So she tries to lift the children up, but the water reaches up, up, up. Finally she just gets desperate, and she stands on the child. A terrible story.

The point it’s trying to make is that you have an instinct of self-preservation for your body that trumps other things.

Shall we wrap up? If there’s any more questions?

Maharaj: You can ask questions, be free.

Q: Maharaj, when you said in ‘Selfless Self’, that Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj taught you or showed you how to read the book ‘Dasbodh’. But you never said what he taught you, you never said how he taught you how to read. You just spoke about it but you never said…

Maharaj: Ah, yes, when I used to go every day to Nisargadatta Maharaj, during those days. The regular reader was not there, so he asked me to read the ‘Dasbodh’, and I was reading with a very low voice, no? So he said, “Your voice should go to ten thousand people!” So, like that, what I am today, I am because of him only. All my education, all everything. He gave practical advice. Once I was sitting in the corner, he said, “What are you doing?”, (I replied) “Nothing”. (He said), “What do you mean by spirituality? Pressing the feet of the Master? Putting garlands? Clapping? This is not spirituality. Do something in life. Why don’t you join college?” I was not in a position to join college because some financial problems were there. “Join college! Don’t come to me! Don’t bring any garlands! Don’t bring Prasad!” And coincidentally, one minister of the college was there. “Take this boy in your college.” He felt sorry because I got very low, marginal marks in my (inaudible). “Take this boy in your college”. And with great difficulty I joined college. He used to say, “Do something. You have to learn to the age of 40.” And so I was learning until the age of 40. My graduation, my (inaudible) graduation, my law graduation, all these degrees belong to Maharaj. He treated me just like his child.

And with the grace of Nisargadatta Maharaj, my Master, I am sharing this knowledge free of charge with everybody. And I told you, the same thing Siddharameshwar told, if you’re Realized, make others Realized. Place your carpet and start talking the knowledge, but not to make commercialization of the knowledge. Why? Why is money required? It’s free knowledge.


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